When you're off to college, it's natural for you to be faced with a lot of decisions. Apart from matters directly relating to your academics, you'll also have to decide on options such as your housing. Most especially if you're going to be studying away from home, or if you live away from Buffalo, you need to find suitable accommodations.

Regarding your housing arrangements, you can either choose to have in-house living options, (meaning you're living inside the campus) or you can also choose to live off-campus. Here, you'll get a breakdown of the benefits of living off-campus in Buffalo. Let’s take a look. 

1. You Get To Enjoy More Space

Having more space is beneficial, especially for those who have lots of belongings. In addition to your books and the study space that you need, the personal belongings you wish to bring with you to school may also be numerous. Living off-campus exposes you to apartments that are larger in size compared to an average dorm room. Even if you may want to share your space with a flatmate, you still get to enjoy more space than that if you're inside a university dormitory.

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2. You Have More Freedom When It Comes To Meal Options

If you don't mind whipping up your own meals, then living off-campus is an excellent choice for you. You'll get to enjoy more freedom in preparing your meals instead of settling for what’s prepared in dormitories. Especially if you've got specific meal plans or particular dietary requirements that you're following, then you might be better off living off-campus. 

3. You Get To Learn More Life Experiences

While living in a dormitory can be comfortable and easy, it may not work out when it comes to developing your intellectual, emotional, and even financial maturity. You'll need to start learning many of the life skills that can help you as you venture out into adulthood, which you might be sheltered from when you live in a dormitory. Living off-campus teaches you how to responsibly and independently balance your personal life and academics. 

Examples of the life skills that you're exposed to by living off-campus include:

Communicating with adults and other professionals, like your landlord, plumbers, and repairmen
Budgeting for your rent and meals
Managing a household (in this case, an apartment)
Basic everyday tasks such as cleaning, doing the laundry, and cooking

4. You Get To Enjoy A Better Social Life

When you live off-campus, you're free from all the restrictions that may come with living in a dormitory. This includes visitors, visiting hours, and a curfew. Should you have any off-campus activities, you can better balance this with your university life. Because of this, you can meet a lot of people and can socialize better, especially during weekends.

Through this, you can forge friendships and have better social relations with your peers, which can last even after you’ve graduated. Whether you’re on book and reading dates, a group study or meeting, or simply chilling out with friends, you can enjoy all these better when you live off-campus. You can then balance your academic and social life, and create connections that may be beneficial when you start working. 

5. You Don't Have To Pack And Unpack Every Semester

When you're going back home for the semestral and summer breaks, you'll have to pack your bags when you live in a dorm. Dorms often close during these school holidays, simply because they are within the university’s premises. It's as if you have to start all over again with packing and unpacking your things, and sorting them out every term.

When you live off-campus, you don't have to worry about this kind of arrangement. You can still keep your apartment in Buffalo under your rent and ownership even during the summer break. It's a place that you can call home for your whole university life. 


College and university life is meant to be enjoyed in the best way possible in both the academic and holistic sense. Not only should you immerse yourself in a wonderful learning experience, but you should also be able to make the most out of your living arrangements. When you choose to live off-campus in Buffalo, it's like a practice run to being exposed to the great big world outside. You get to experience what it's like to balance your academics, a possible part-time job, and even managing your own apartment. If you feel like living off-campus is the right choice for you, it's an option that you might want to consider.