Are you tired of your money going up in smoke, your fingers smelling unpleasant, and your breath feeling cold ashtray with every cigarette break? Have you decided to quit smoking and opted for the electronic cigarette? Want to try smoking with a TC mod?

We assume you have chosen your equipment from a reputable shop such as to start and you only have the choice of the liquid to start. 

What are the components of an e-liquid?

The base:

The base of an e-liquid is composed of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) pharmaceutical grade. The level of PG / VG varies depending on the fluid. Vegetable glycerine is very slightly sweet and produces a lot of steam but carries badly the aromas. It is quite viscous and hardly feeds resistance with high values (beyond 1ohm), which is why it is associated with propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol is more fluid and carries the aromas much better. It is mainly this component that causes this famous '' hit '' at the time of the inspiration that the users have just quit smoking. It can cause however some people a slight allergy. If you are in this case prefer veg-based liquids. In case you start the vape, it is better to opt for a liquid comprising at least 50% or more propylene glycol.

The aromas :

The flavors used for e-liquids are food grade, whether natural or artificial. Some brands use very high quality aromas. Although the label does not yet exist officially, they are considered as aromas of "vapological" quality. This means that they have been specially designed to be sprayed.


The nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves and then purified and diluted in proportions ranging from 3 mg / ml to 20 mg / ml. Its most common form is nicotine base or pharmaceutical.

It undergoes two treatments. The first at the time of extraction, the second to purify it so as to have the least possible foreign elements and thus be better assimilated by the body. The problem is that the purified nicotine loses its effectiveness.

In recent years, it is possible to find nicotine of another form in e-liquids, nicotine salt: by its more natural extraction, it is closer to its original form present in tobacco leaves. This nicotine is also more resistant than pharmaceutical nicotine. Its other advantage is that the '' hit '' in the throat is less present. It will therefore be possible to substantially increase the nicotine level.

Which aroma to choose when you start the vape?

The world of the vape is vast, and there too, each person will have different affinities. The taste of a liquid will be perfect for someone without it being the case for you. But whatever your aroma, a perfect tool will make sure you’ll get a pleasant experience. If you want some recommendation, you can click here: Augvape VTEC1.8 Box Mod. Are you now ready to vape?