In spring of 2015, a team of swedish web professionals were looking for the perfect destination for their upcoming conference trip. The group had a number of requirements before choosing a final destination; they wanted to avoid low-cost carriers, the flight time had to be less than 7 hours, the climate had to be warm enough for outdoor activities and the destination also needed a direct connection from Shanghai. 

Even though the team had more than twenty years of experience from working with the web, it was not easy finding a destination that fulfilled all the requirements - and the idea of was born.

What is

At you’ll find every single non-stop flight from every airport in the world. The website compiles all scheduled departing flights from today and nine months forward, making it super easy to plan your next trip. 

By choosing your departure airport, either by using the search box directly or exploring the brilliant airport map, you’ll be able to see every non-stop flight from that specific airport in a list as well as in an interactive map. If you you want to explore a single airline’s routes across the world, this is also possible by simply filtering your search. 

Explore all routes from every airport in the world with just a click.

You can also filter your search by airline to explore all of their routes.

To find what you’re looking for you can specify your search by using different filters. You can for example limit your search to a specific airline or airline alliance, to low-cost carriers, type of aircraft and so on. It’s also possible to choose a certain time interval for departure and desired flight time. On each airport you’ll also find general information like recently added routes,  largest airlines and most popular destinations.

Find exactly what you’re looking for with the large number of search filters. is perfect for anybody in search of non-stop destinations from a specific airport. It’s for the business traveler looking for more efficient ways to fly, for the frequent flyer who wants to explore destinations within a certain alliance (to get those coveted miles), for the spontaneous backpacker and for those who are just really curious about air travel.