With a population of 20,535 residents as of 2010 and offering you a year-round break from the cold and chilly climate that some people tend to dislike a lot, Haines City is a thriving urban settlement stretching over 20 square miles of land. With a history that included involvements of railroads, world-renowned circus performances, and astounding carnival acts as well as theme parks, Haines City in recent years have seen exceptional growth. 

This might be due to the part that it offers easy access to Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort, however the economy is thriving due to many residential developments and projects that have been taken up in recent times. In this post we would like to share with you some great aspects as to why this city can serve as a great venue to relocate your business and start a new chapter for your venture. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

Low Crime Rates

Haines City is regarded as one of the safest places to work and live as it has extremely low crime rates. Chances of becoming a victim in violent crime for the city are 1 in 838 which is fairly lower when compared to the rest of Florida where the chances are as high as 1 in 245. The safest neighborhoods within the city include Firetower Rd, Lake Lowry Rd, Polk City Rd, and Holiday Manor to name a few. 

Encouraging Support for New Businesses from City Officials

The city currently follows the “One City, One Vision” directive where city officials are taking the charge to develop the urban settlement into a haven for new businesses to settle down or move in. The Public Works Director, Mr. Addie Javed is making continuous efforts with the collaboration of the EDC (Economic Development Council) and the Haines City Chamber of Commerce to attract new developments. This has opened new doors for extensive infrastructure development to take place to accommodate new ventures to relocate within the region. Furthermore, the prime location of city which is right in the middle of the state offers you a gateway to travel virtually anywhere.  Highway 27 is one of the main routes for the north and south corridor that connects the city to the interstate I-4. Currently the city enjoys as being the focal point for Central Florida’s tourist region as it offers quick and easy access to Disney World and Legoland with tourist going east, south, and towards the north. The city also offers one of the most feasible housing schemes within the region making it a prime spot for families and new homeowners to make this place their own. Major renovation projects include Lake Eva Event Center which cost around $30 million, secondly the community is being opened up to all sorts of multi-modal opportunities with the first ‘Complete Street’ within the county built roughly 3 years back in 2016. The Event Center will offer a great venue for business meetings, corporate events, and conferences. 

Major Attractions

Haines City has something to offer to everyone. Major attractions include:

A huge variety of theme and nature-oriented parks as well as many outdoor fun venues including the likes of Allen David Broussard Catfish Preserve State Park, Ridge Island Groves, Walt Disney Theme Park, Universal Orlando Theme Park, Fantasy of Flight, Lake Eva Park, Legoland, Southern Dune Golf Course, and Ironman Triathlon to name a few. 
Tons of outdoor fun and entertainment outlets from large groups of people such as the Haines City Community Theater, the always delightful Shady Cove Bar & Grill, and the exhilarating RJ Hinson Sports Paintball venue. 

Top Employers

Haines City falls under the region known as Polk County in the state of Florida. It is also considered as a part of not only the Tampa Bay Area but the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area as well. The top 3 employers for the region include the following:

Polk County School Board with 13,000 employees
Publix Super Markets with 8,900 employees
Lakeland Regional Health with 5,605 employees

A Diverse & Skilled Workforce

According to a report prepared by Jim Farell who is a Ph. D. holder and CFA from the Florida Southern College, the Polk County offers a diverse and skilled workforce:

Over 300,000 positions for Civilian Labor Force
226,000 employed in Nonfarm businesses
14,000 employed in the mining, logging, and construction sector
Trade, transportation, and utility sector employing around 58,000 personnel
Professional and business services have over 31,000 people employed
Financial sector employing over 12,000 people
Over 28,000 people working under Government jobs
Health and Education Service deploying a labor force of 32,000 people

Furthermore, the workforce and labor data for the Lakeland-winter Haven MSA shows that majority of the people working in the region are from ages 25 to 64 years old. Male workers comprise of 49.1% of the labor force which shows that women make a total share of 50.9%. Moreover the population growth for all ages is much healthier as compared to the rest of the nation’s averages. Over 30% of the workforce has high-school level education, while 23% accomplish college-level education, and 12% reach their bachelor’s degree qualification. The report also shows that 94. 72% of the population has a positive employment status as of the findings made in 2017. Major Fields of study and interest amongst the masses include agricultural, biological, and environmental science degrees. 

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to why you should consider relocating your business and commerce to Haines City. The place is thriving with brilliant opportunities for even new startups to cash on with little to no barriers to entry. However, if you are planning to move permanently into the area with your family and loved ones then you could speak to any of the available Haines City FL realty to offer you a great bargain. For any more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your feedback in the comment section below.