An eco-friendly sustainable has a lot to offer. It not only makes employees happy at work but also improves overall productivity. Natural light, indoor plants, solar panel-generated electricity, and a variety of other things can make your office eco-friendly. So, here are a few ways in which you can make your office greener, enabling it to be a better place to work:

1) Monthly green challenges

Challenge your employees that if they don’t use any plastic in the office for a month, they will get a small reward. This will not only help employees work for that reward, but they would also contribute to a greener office. Mention the guidelines that they can’t use plastic bin bags or any plastic utensils. You can also encourage them to use biodegradable bags, toothbrushes, straws, and things like that. Wowe Lifestyle, for one, makes such biodegradable products that employees can use. If they manage to survive a month, gift them a snack or coffee coupon.

2) Solar paneled lights

The easiest way to ensure an eco-friendly office is by using solar panels. Saving electricity is one of the biggest ways to contribute to a greener environment. You can’t believe the number of natural resources you will save if you use solar panels to harness electricity. But, using these panels alone won’t help. You need to educate the employees about saving electricity too. They shouldn’t keep lights and heaters on when they go out. This will not only prove helpful for your office, but the employee will also follow the same thing in his/her house. 

3) Bring houseplants in the office

Plants increase focus among employees. They tend to take the stress away from you and improve your cognitive abilities. This will directly have an impact on work productivity. Many therapists recommend having houseplants in the homes of employees. You can have the same setup in your office also. A plant on the desk of every employee will increase their responsibility. They will have to take care of the plant so that they grow healthily. 

4) Switch to LED lighting

Conventional lights consume way too much energy. So, even if you use solar panels, they would consume the stored energy faster. The best way to stop using so much electricity is by switching to LED lights. These are highly energy efficient. They consume only one-tenth the energy of conventional lights. Plus, they are brighter and can last for years. You won’t have to spend a lot on electric bills and lights now and then.

Moreover, you can have different colors for different rooms. For example, the pantry should have a separate color of light, the office should have a different color, and so on. This will help employees feel different whenever they walk to any of these rooms. It indirectly boosts their connection with the office. They will want to come to work instead of staying home, making lame excuses like not feeling well.

Every entrepreneur cares about productivity, and going green is an ideal way to meet that goal. It will keep you and your employees happy