Golf is a great sport with amazing benefits. For you to be an outstanding player, you need proper golf equipment. However, before you get on buying any golf tools, make sure that you have all the necessary information regarding golf and the latest equipment on the market. Learn the difference between various products, and how each accessory works. 

Regardless of the quality and price of the product you settle for, these are the basic accessories required to kick-start the game.

The Club

Without the club, playing golf is impossible. You can consider renting a gold club anytime you go for practice or buy one. However, renting can cost you much more than buying a new one in the end. If on a budget, you can always buy second-hand clubs to practice with.

Hand Glove

Gloves protect the soft part of your palm. They are essential in golf to help you achieve a better grip of the club and not lose touch. Gloves also keep the club from slipping out of your hands, hence preventing injuries. However, only one glove is used to play.


Markers are used to indicate the exact place the ball was to avoid losing its position. They are especially used when a ball needs to be lifted either for a clean shot or for when it is blocking the opponent’s path. 

Golf Bag

A golf bag is necessary to load all the golf accessories. A good example is the lightweight golf bag that is available in different colors, sizes, and materials to cater to all preferences and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Divot Tools

Divot tools are used to smooth the grass from loosened soil where depression comes about. This happens because balls scratch the grass, leaving depressions that alter the golf course.

Score Card

Like every other game, a record sheet is necessary to maintain fairness and transparency in golf. The scores are recorded on this card. Scorecards can be plastic, metal, or wooden for easy and effective recording.

Golf Cart

A golf cart helps you get around the course more easily without having to carry the heavy golf bag. For more information, click this website.


A tee is a nail-like tool that is stuck in the grass, and the ball is placed above it to enable the hit. Tees support the ball, which is used on the first stroke of each hole. 

Other Accessories

Although the above are the most essential accessories used on a golf course, some additional ones are necessary for an effective game. These include; lob wedge, ropes, brushes, cleaners for shoes, practice flags, umbrellas, lava balls, leaning rods, pitching wedge, repair kits, and detergent cups.