Unfortunately, too many families have tight budgets. And, if it wasn't for fundraising, many students would not be able to attend school trips.

To ensure every student can attend these events, parents and schools will raise money by hosting fundraising events.

Here’s a list of 5 effective ways to raise money for a school trip.
Host A Read-A-Thon

This is for children and adults who enjoy reading can utilize their hobby to raise money for school trips. 

A read-a-thon is a great way to allow students and their parents to raise money educationally. For every book the participants read can earn a specific amount of money.

The school librarian and staff can set up the event. And, all students can participate if they want to attend the school trip. 

Most schools opt to hold reading sessions during class time over a two- or three-week span.

The readers must find their sponsors for these events. Each sponsor will donate a specific amount of money for each book.

The proceeds go to support the school trips and student tours packages.

Host A Bake Sale

Students and parents have been hosting bake sales for many decades to raise money for school events.

Some parents volunteer to do the baking and others volunteer to do the selling. All of the money raised through the bake sale goes to pay for the school trip.

Host A Walk-A-Thon

Walk-a-thons are set up similarly as read-a-thons. Walkers find sponsors who are willing to pay a specific amount of money for each mile they walk.

These events are very easy to organize. And, if enough people get involved, you can raise enough money for the school trip in one or two settings.

Chocolate Fundraising

Another great way to earn money for school functions is chocolate fundraising. The participates sell candy bars for $1 each. A portion of the profit will go to pay for the chocolate and the rest will go to pay for the school trip.

The only downside to a chocolate fundraising is it can be time-consuming. It also must be done for at least 30 days, so enough money can be raised to cover all of the expenses.

Host A Book Fair

Book fairs allow schools and students to raise money for educational trips. A third-party company provides the books and the community will be responsible for buying them.

For each book sold, the school will receive a profit. The book fair can be held in the school library or cafeteria for several hours each day.

You can run the event as long as is needed to raise enough money to cover all of the travel expenses. 


Raising money for school trips requires a combined effort from schools, students, and parents. If everyone gets involved in the fundraising events, you should be able to raise enough money to cover all of the expenses in several days.

Other fundraising ideas include a car wash, pop can collection, chili cook-off, and penny wars.