Being the most populous city in Massachusetts, Boston is surely a great place for paddle boarding enthusiasts to settle down in. Not only will you be able to find like-minded people who likes paddle boarding like you do, you will also have all the splendid paddle boarding spots to explore. If you are the new paddle boarding enthusiast in town, check out the top 5 paddleboarding spots in Boston.

1. Mystic River 

The Mystic River is a seven-mile-long water body and thanks to Paddle Boston, you could set your paddle board down in the water and begin the whole trip from the Blessing Bay and explore the full wonders of the river, with breath-taking views of the city. 

As you paddle through the river’s course, you can take a break at the Shannon Beach at the far end at Winchester. The Assembly Square is less than two miles back and as you wind your paddleboarding session, you can stop by the American Fresh Brewhouse and grab yourself a few drinks. 

2. Charles River 

Probably the most popular spot in Boston is the Charles River. You’ll get to see some beautiful views and as you paddle down the river. You can also go in groups so that you’ll get a chance to share the joy with other people. 

Charles Rives has also a few SUP rental spots where newbies can hire the required gear and learn this outdoor sport. The nine-mile river is in a great position for views of Boston landmarks including the Museum of Science. Since Charles is a common destination for water activities, during the warmer months you’ll share the waters with sailboats, rowboats, kayaks, and a massive number of ducks. 

3. Moody Street Dam 

Another perfect area Boston has is at the Moody Street Dam in Waltham, where you’ll get the chance to head out of the city. The inclined stream is a six-mile run and goes all the way to the Newton Lower Falls Dam in Wellesley. 

SUP’ers not only get to have a peaceful flat-water-paddling experience, but also a nice blend of scenic background along the way. You can also choose to take a break at one of the many restaurants across Moody Street and refresh your body. Places like the Gaff has tasty burgers and you could never go wrong with your paddleboarding trip to Moody Street. 

4. Marblehead 

For a vivid experience, paddle at the Marblehead. Your journey to two striking islands: Gerry’s Island and Crowninshield start right at the Little Harbor Boathouse. When you’re done paddleboarding, we’re pretty sure you’ll have burnt a lot of calories along the way. So, to fill you up, head over to downtown Marblehead and replenish your juices for the next session. You can top it all off with fresh green juice. 

5. Nahanton Park 

This 12-mile stretch of cool waters gives enough room for any kind of paddling activity and paddler, including first-timers. If you fancy a weekend getaway at a cost of only 18 miles from the buzzing city, Nahanton Park is your best spot. 
Coupled with scenic forests, gardens, and meadows you are sure of a lively session along the uninterrupted section of the Charles River. Yes, this park is in Charles River, but since the views are breath-taking, we figured it needed its own spot in the list. It is the ideal space for paddling enthusiasts and just by looking around helps you relax and forget about your stress.

The beautiful views of Boston make for a fabulous city for paddle boarding. It’s a pleasure to own a SUP board and go paddle boarding in Boston. Don’t hesitate to give it a try if you live in Boston and haven’t tried it.