The heating of the coil allows the e-liquid to be atomized to produce smoke, and a certain amount of heat is then not transmitted to the RDA body. The appearance of the fancy coil has greatly increased the amount of smoke and the taste of the e-liquid, but the huge heat generated by the fancy coil also speeds up the heating of the RDA body. 

If used improperly, the RDA is more likely to become “immersion heater.” What are the reasons for the overheating and ironing of the RDA? The following are a detailed analysis and a solution.

Ignore the limitations of the structure of the RDA itself.

The structure and size of a wide variety of RDAs are different. Many RDAs have a relatively small atomization space that cannot meet the air intake and heat dissipation requirements of high-heat coils, and even cannot meet the installation requirements of fancy coils. High-heat coils are heated in a small space, which can easily cause rapid accumulation and conduction of heat, and even cause the coil to directly burn cotton.

Solution: According to the electrode structure of the RDA and the size of the atomization chamber, determine the type of coil that can be used. Do not think that all RDAs can be equipped with high-heat fancy coils.

Choose the right suction resistance and ignore the heat dissipation requirements.

Regardless of the type of RDA, the proper inspiratory resistance can increase the taste of the RDA much. However, when many RDAs are equipped with coils with large heat, the amount of intake air is too small, which may cause the heat dissipation of the atomization chamber to keep up. This problem is easily dealt with when the player understands that the intake air not only provides the atomization core with the air required for atomization but also the heat dissipation requirements of the coil.

Solution: Reasonably increase the air intake of the RDA, and use a small air intake RDA to select a coil with a smaller heat as much as possible.

Excessive output power is used for rapid burst.

A fast ignition burst can bring a rapid output of smoke, and many players tend to set a higher output power in order to make the coils ignite quickly. However, this practice will cause the coil to continue to generate high heat during the output after ignition, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the RDA.

Solution: Reduce the output power appropriately, or select the device with the output power curve mode to reasonably reduce the output power after the coil is warmed up.

The coil resistance caused by carbon deposition and aging of the coil increases.

After the coil has been used for a period of time, it will inevitably produce carbon deposits and even a large change in resistance. When the coil resistance is increased, the output power before continuing to use will increase the heat generation of the coil. At the same time, the carbon-aged coil will also affect the taste performance of the RDA. The reduction of the output power can only play a small role, and can not completely solve the situation that the RDA is overheated and the taste is weak.

Solution: Regularly clean the carbon deposit of the coil, and replace the coil in time when the coil resistance varies greatly to ensure the normal use of the atomization core.

Neglecting the RDA's own heat dissipation capability for high frequency pumping.

The heat of the RDA is hard to avoid like the heating of the computer CPU and the car engine. No matter how much air intake, the internal space is more abundant, and the RDA will generate heat under high frequency work. Especially for shorter drip RDAs, the high frequency of use allows heat to be quickly conducted on the RDA. Even with insulated nozzles, it is inevitable that a hot mouth will occur.

Solution: Control the pumping frequency, so that the RDA can effectively dissipate heat when it is not working, and ensure that the RDA does not overheat.

In summary, it is guaranteed that the RDA will not heat up quickly or even have a hot mouth condition. It only needs to use the coil matched with the RDA and reasonable output power to ensure sufficient intake and timely maintenance of the atomization core. . When choosing a RDA, you can choose the matching heating wire or fancy coil according to the player's recommendation. Choosing the pair of coils will ensure that the RDA can perform its proper taste and at the same time Ensure normal heat and heat dissipation of the RDA.