As you source your custom parts from a manufacturer, you know that their effectiveness significantly affects your project’s quality and completion time. Before settling for a particular manufacturer, ensure that they are capable of adequately meeting if not exceeding your expectations. 

If you are in the market for a welded wire assemblies services, here is a look at the top four questions to ask as you weigh a potential manufacturer’s capability to handle your needs.

How experienced are you?

The last thing you need is dealing with an amateur who can hardly understand your needs. With an experienced company, you can rest assured that their skilled experts will deliver according to your project’s specifications. 

With their accumulated experience, a manufacturer that has been in practice for years is better positioned to manufacture quality wire forms for your project. Additionally, they have the much-needed experts to not only professionally handle the complex manufacturing process but also utilize the cutting-edge technology for quality wires.

As you consider a company, experience and expertise are a must-have as industry knowledge and exposure matters in quality control.

What equipment do you use?

The wire forming process is an intricate undertaking that requires the right tools to ensure you get nothing but the best. As you weigh a manufacturer’s capability to handle your needs, see to it that they possess the right equipment to manufacture wires that matches your needs.

Keeping in mind that specific machines are better suited for different manufacturing needs, ask the company if they have the right equipment and operational skills to meet your needs. If a company doesn’t own the right equipment, they might end up taking longer than your expected turnaround time, manufacture sub-standard wires, or even worse, fail to deliver.

Can you handle my tolerance needs?

Following your project's specification, you might require a tolerance level that doesn’t fall in the average level. While the standard tolerance for wire forming is +/-.010 per bend or +/- .060 on an assembly, your project might require specialized tooling and process to achieve other tolerances. Before settling for a particular manufacturer, see to it that they can adequately accommodate your unique requirements. This allows you to provide the required quality at the set timeline as you don’t spend extra time waiting for the manufacturer to source the required skills and tools to handle your needs.

How fast can you deliver my order?

With your specifications in mind, a manufacturer should be able to provide a sample for your approval. From there, the manufacturer will quote their expected turnaround time following your lead time requirements. You could, however, provide extra lead time if your project requires special tooling and processes to ensure that you get the desired quality.

While your project might require special tooling designed to meet your requirements, an experienced manufacturer should be able to analyze your needs and provide a reasonable turnaround time. With the modern era of near-instant delivery requirements, keeping your clients waiting can harm your project’s success. With that in mind, you can narrow your search to a manufacturer who provides suitable turnaround time for your project.

Shopping for an ideal wire manufacturer for your project can prove to be a challenging task. With all the options the market has to offer, following simple criterions such as the price charged can lead you astray. You could end up hiring a cheap company that not only takes forever to fulfill your order but also delivers low-quality wires that don’t meet your standards. With the four questions, you can narrow your search to a few manufacturers capable of meeting your requirements.