Whether people are travelling for a vacation or would be working, they might want to consider short term rentals over hotels. With the growing popularity of the internet, short term rentals are allowing people to stay in properties that are described as ‘homes away from homes.’ 

Imagine renting an entire place that feels like a home and not just a small hotel room. What properties are considered short term rentals vary depending on what time people rent them for. It can be anything from a short weekend to a few months. Here, they will have access to all the areas of the apartment and will need a more contractual agreement than a typical hotel. Short term rentals can range anything from an apartment, villa, or an anything else. Often people rent out a room in their homes for short term and are a good option for those who have a small budget.     
Who Use Short Term rentals?
One of the common reasons why people take on short term rentals is when they are on a vacation. It is mostly people who are in groups or with young kids who prefer to stay in short term rentals rather than a hotel. Also, those looking to stay in a foreign country for more than a couple of nights would prefer to stay in rentals as they are cost effective than staying at a hotel. Even those countries where the room rates for hotels are quite high, short term rentals are the perfect solution.

But, vacation is not the only reason why people may choose alternative accommodation. Many people need to be in a particular area for work, and renting a place seems like a wise thing to do rather than travelling every day. Others might be waiting for a property purchase to be completed when they shift to a new place and need a place to stay until all the formalities are completed. 

Another good reason to rent a place is that people might be having work done on their homes. Renovations may take a few months and can make their kitchen, toilets and other areas of the house unusable. Thus, renting a property is the best thing to do during that time so that their routine is not hampered. It is also much cheaper than staying in a hotel for that period. 

What are the Benefits of Short Term Accommodations?
Apart from being cost effective, short term rentals offer many other benefits. The users can expect all the amenities that they would find in their own homes. The tenants have greater flexibility when they stay in short term accommodation than they would get in a hotel room. Most short-term accommodations have a fully equipped kitchen for guests so that they cook and save money on eating out every day. These also offer more space than what would get at a hotel room. Another benefit is the flexibility that they provide to people. Many rental properties have multiple bedrooms and are great for large families who want to stay together. Also, many of these rentals are pet-friendly, which most of the hotels do not allow.

What are the Important Considerations for Tenants before Opting for a Short Term Rental?
With plenty of short term accommodations available in major cities and towns, it can be difficult to decide which one is right. The first thing one has to consider is the location of the rental property. The property should be close to public transportation or near to the establishments that people would visit frequent during their stay. Another thing to look into is the amenities that they can use during their stay. It is a great idea to speak to the owner personally so that it becomes easy for the tenant to ask questions and to ensure that the rental owner is trustworthy. When asking for the prices, it is essential to ask if there are any additional fees such as cleaning fees or taxes over the rent you will be paying. 

It is essential to read the rules and regulations well before booking a short term rental to ensure a comfortable stay. To ensure safety, it is best to go through the rules before signing the booking contract and making a payment.