If you are a weed smoker, you probably know that being ready to smoke weed is really important. No matter you are at home or a park with your friends, you always want to be prepared for weed smoking. For that reason, you must have your own weed accessories ready anytime. Everything you need to enhance your weed smoking session is at your fingertips. Here is a list of weed smoking accessories you should never go without.

1. Grinder:
A grinder is a necessity for weed smokers, and you should always keep it within your hand’s reach. It enables you to beautifully dice up your buds without making your hands grimy and sticky. A solid and time-saving grinder is a must-have for every weed smoker that allows you to break down your weed properly. It enables you to have the best smoking experience, whether you are using a bong, hookah, or rolling a joint. 

2. A Good Container:
Your weed is precious for you. Therefore, you should have a good method of storing your weed at home. Store your weed in an airtight container so it will stay fresh and spill-free. Having a good weed is essential, but storing it in a hermetically sealed jar is also crucial to keep it in good condition. You can also mask the smell of your weed by using smell-proof container. 

3. Bong:
Smoking your beautiful, green buds with a bong is one of the best ways to enjoy them. Bong is also sometimes called bubbler or a water pipe because it also uses water to filter and cool the smoke. This is a great advantage of smoking weed with a bong as its water filtration feature minimizes the number of toxins you inhale through the smoke. A variety of bongs are available in the market from the basic ones to really cool and handcrafted pieces. 

4. Glass Pipe or Bowl:
Glass pipe and bowl are also safe options to smoke weed. Smoking weed with a glass bowl or pipe is also easy and efficient. There is a variety of amazing high-quality bowls and pipes on the market, which are colored and beautifully designed. They are also available in amazing shapes. Plus, glass pipes and bowls are portable.

5. Hookah:
Hookah is one of the most popular tools to smoke weed or tobacco. It originated in the subcontinent but spread across Asia and Europe. Now, this smoking tool is used all around the world. You should keep one at home to smoke your weed or specialty tobacco. Grasscity is a top-rated headshop that offers hookahs for sale online. Hookahs use water filtration and indirect heat to operate. This smoking tool is versatile and has a long pipe making it easier to relax while smoking. You should also keep hookah accessories handy such as coals and aluminum foil. 

6. Good Brushes and Cleaners:
It's mandatory to clean your smoking tools after each smoking session. Which means you must keep your bong, pipe, or hookah clean to enjoy them much longer. If you use good quality brushes and cleaners, smoking tools will be cleaned properly, and ultimately your weed will taste much better. Needless to say, clean smoking accessories will allow you to inhale clean smoke.