CBD oil is a remedy for many things, and you probably have thought of using it for at least a headache.  However, CBD oil can go a lot farther to making your life that much better.  You could use CBD oil to make your intimacy perfect, but you have to know how that happens.  This is a multi-step process that begins with you finding the right oil.  Once you have found the right oil, you need to use it in a number of ways to make intimacy a much more powerful experience for you and your partner. 

1.  Oil Helps You Both Relax

Your intimacy gets so much better when the both of you can relax. You can use the CBD oil to massage your partner to a level of relaxation that you have not felt in years.  CBD oil gives you the slightest tingle that allows you to calm down, and the two of you could do nothing more than offer a calming massage.  You also might go farther when using your CBD oil because it can do things for your love life that will change the way you two approach one another.

2.  Temple Massages

Intimacy can be something as simple as a temple massage when you get to the end of a long day.  You and your partner will have an amazing time in the bedroom, but you probably need to get rid of that headache first.  You can give your partner a temple massage with CBD oil that will help alleviate their headaches.  They will be much more calm going forward, and the two of you can be much more intimate with each other simply because you are not focus on your headache.

3.  Baths

You could drop a little CBD oil in a hot bath, and the oil will infuse with the water to create a tingling sensation throughout your whole body.  You might want to use the bath as a way to get your partner ready for bed, and you will find that your bath has never been more relaxing than when you have the CBD oil in the hot water.  The steam that comes up from the bath has a bit of the oil in it, and that makes you feel so much better.

4.  Body Rubs

Body rubs could be a wonderful part of your intimacy with your partner, and CBD oil is safe to use on any part of your body.  You might feel like this is the perfect thing for the both of you to intensify your intimacy, and you could use the CBD oil in a flavor that you both love the smell of.  The body rub is just the last step to intimacy which is made even better by CBD oil.

The tingling sensation that you get from CBD oil will make your intimate moments even more amazing, and you will notice that you do not want to climb into bed without it.  Buy the CBD oil right away so that you can get the best possible results when intimate with your partner.