When you own or manage a company that runs on boiler-power to keep everything working smoothly, you will know only too well the worry of it breaking down. A boiler on downtime means disruption to the manufacturing process which ultimately means a loss of profit down the line as well as the disturbance to your workforce, but there is a way to eliminate these worries.

If your boiler blows its top – you don’t need to!
Industrial boilers are subject to intense pressure which can give rise to issues like tube end cracks and failures or furnace and smoke box defects but unlike people – boilers can be quickly fixed when you have an engineering and welding firm with the technical know-how.

The solution therefore is to have a trusted, reliable company that can work 24/7 to get any industrial boiler repair diagnosed and fixed so that everything is back running up to speed as quickly as possible. Not only that, regular inspections for Annual Insurance Preparations and 5 Year NDT Examinations can also keep your boiler in tip-top condition which means it is less likely to develop a fault in the first place. However, choosing who to use for emergency repairs is complex, and while it’s tempting to make a decision quickly when things aren’t working, making a snap decision could mean you’re missing out on the benefits of choosing a truly great firm.

When it comes to finding a boiler repair company that lives up to their promises, it’s essential to ask a few pertinent questions. If you ask around, you might find that you can get recommendations from other businesses in the area, but what’s right for those businesses may not be right for yours. Depending on the industry your business operates in, your boiler system might be bespoke to that industry, and you need to be sure that the company you’re choosing for boiler repairs has experience in working on systems like yours. 

Ask the right questions
How responsive could you be? Have a chat before you sign up to any service plan, as costs can vary widely and you need to know how responsive the company are to emergencies if your boiler affects your business significantly. You might need to pay a little more for the most responsive companies, but consider the cost to your business should your boiler be out of action for any length of time. Some companies provide experienced teams who can work in shifts 24/7 so even if you call them in the middle of the night – they can get to work right away.

What experience do your on-call staff have? Don’t forget to ask about how long they’ve been in the business too - and what they have specialist experience in.  From carrying out a minor fix to employing specialised expertise for more complex repairs; it’s essential for the business you choose to have the technical knowledge and practical solutions to meet your requirements.

Can you cover the following? Here, for your ease of use, we list some of the general services that you could expect to receive from a good boiler repair company. If the company you choose are not able to cover these, then you could find that repairs take longer, as they might have to draft someone else in. 
Coded Welding
Feed Pipe + Nozzle Replacement
Full + Partial Boiler Furnaces + Furnace Rings
Pressure Vessel Defect Repairs + Shell Section Replacement
Tube-end Repairs
Trepanning (J-Prepping)
Emergency Plugging of Tubes
Pipework Manufacture + Installation
Water-Tube Boiler Repairs
Annual Boiler Servicing
NDT Preparation
Valve Overhaul
Burner Repairs and Servicing

Whichever company you choose for your boiler repairs - make sure you make sure regular maintenance is completed to avoid issues. It might be worth signing up for a service plan with the company that does your emergency repairs to avoid your boiler breaking again.