Do you always face packing mishaps every time you go on holiday?

It’s always frustrating when you reach your beautiful destination only to discover that you left your swimsuit on the bed, or you forget to unplug your charger from the socket.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that it happens more often than not.

Apart from the essential items that people forget, today I’ll share with you a few things you’ve probably neglected in the past, but has great potential to make your vacation unforgettable.

1. Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is important, whether you’re going to the beach, or a beautiful ski resort. With a pair of quality glasses, you can prevent getting a sunburn and exposing your eyes to harsh weather climates.

Get a pair with UV protection and greater eye coverage. By shielding the delicate skin around your eye, you reduce the potential of you squinting, which lessens the possibility of getting frown lines and wrinkles.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, stylish sunglasses complement your outfit and make you effortlessly cool. There is no better way to take incredible selfies than with a pair of trendy glasses. To top it up a notch go for ones with polarized lenses.

2. Scarf

A scarf is great at making a fashion statement, but it’s even more useful when you need to mark your suitcase for easy identification or conceal embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. You can roll it and use it as a pillow on the plane or lay it out like a blanket on the beach.

If your hotel room has curtains with huge gaping holes, you may use your scarf to add a bit of privacy and keep away spying eyes. You can also use it as a sling if you have an accidental fall or as a hand towel to wipe away spills.

3. Vape Pen

Vaping on vacation has a different feel to it. Probably because you’re in a new destination and there are less stressing factors around you. Either way, you need to make it past the airport first, for you to enjoy your favorite Long White Vapour flavour.

To do so, always pack our vaping hardware and smaller bottles of your juice in your carry-on luggage. 

4. Corkscrew

In an ideal situation, this might not make it among the top list of things you would usually pack for a vacation. But, in reality, a corkscrew is a handy tool that will help you develop your palate and ace your sensory exam.

It’s great for road trips, as you don’t have to wait until you reach the hotel to snuggle with your favorite bottle of wine. If you’re traveling by air, carry a bladeless corkscrew, as that’s what most airlines will permit.

5. Pill container

Nowadays, you can get unique pill containers for your medication and vitamins. With different designs in the market, you can get a secure case that will keep your pills intact when traveling.

From containers with color-coded compartments to one that resembles a key chain, you have numerous options to suit your personality. Remember to carry your prescription in case you are required to provide proof that you’re on medication or you need to get the same pills if you run out while on holiday.

Parting shot

Apart from the necessary items like your passport, charger, and toothpaste, now you know the fun things to pack for an epic journey.

Feel free to include more items that would allow you to have a memorable holiday.  

Safe travels!