What is an airsoft gun?

An Airsoft Gun is a replica gun that looks exactly like a real gun but does not actually fires real bullets. The Gun uses BB or plastic balls which are designed to not pierce the human skin but can actually kill small animals. The point of this gun is to feel and to look like a real gun without doing the job so that gun enthusiasts or gangs can enjoy guns without harm. Airsoft Canada retails such guns and the variety available is massive and one that airsoft enthusiasts would love.

What is an airsoft gun used for?

There are a lot of different activities which can be recreational or actual business related as well. 

Film making

A major use of Airsoft guns is Film making. This is a major use as before these were introduced the film makers made use of actual real guns that actually resulted in a few accidental deaths. These guns allow actors to shoot each other without hesitation as they know the outcome will not be fatal. These guns look so close to being real that they can fool the eye of the audience. The gun can convince anyone that it is real. These guns can also be easily acquired without the film crew having to go through all of the legal formalities involved in buying a real gun.


This kind of gun is also used in friendly skirmishes where friends take on each other and shoot each other for fun and make different games out of it. This can bring a lot of fun as they can have the fun of enjoying a real gun without having to cause harm to their friends though it might hurt a bit but that will be worth it.


Airsoft guns are being widely used in creating a game that’s exactly like paintball but with airsoft guns and plastic balls instead of pressure guns and color pellets. These kinds of games can be enjoyed by various groups of people who are looking to have a good time with their friends. This kind of a game can also be used to educate young gangs the harm of killing people and also help them use up the negative energy some place. We can also see these kinds of guns used in the training of army as they can go against each other and use these weapons for training and not cause harm at the same time. As fun as they are to play with, check out this article if you're wondering are airsoft guns safe.

Airsoft guns are widely available now and there are a lot of different varieties like the ones in real guns such as hang guns, snipers and normal automatic rifles. You can also get these guns in different finishes and quality. Obviously better the quality, higher the price but it will always be worth it if you are a fun enthusiast looking to have a good time. So go out there and invest in a Airsoft gun as it will be worth it.