Singapore is the country where one can encounter a great amalgamation of east and west. The culture of this Lion City is vast and it mostly follows the European and Asian culture. In Singapore, one will find several places where people are divided in terms of ethnicity like Chinatown and Little India. 

The cultural diversity makes Singapore unique and it is filled with social harmony. When you are in Singapore, make sure you are trying out Online Betting Singapore. In Singapore, there are four types of official languages. This country believes in valuing peace and hence it has attracted several immigrants from different corners of the world. 


Pongal is a famous festival which one can mostly encounter in southern India and in Singapore it is celebrated for 4 days. When the Thai month begins this festival is celebrated among the Indians. It is a festival that is celebrated in order to thank Surya or the Sun god for harvesting the richness in the lives of the people.

On this day of Pongal, one can see several competitions and events and people will dress up in new clothes and exchange gift. Cooking competition and cultural dances are encountered during this time. 

Chinese New Year: 

Chinese New Year is one of the most famous festivals in Singapore and it will commence between January 21 to the 20th of February. According to the Chinese, they consider the lunar new year to be of huge significance. It is said that spring will cleanse their home from all the bad or ill fortune and will welcome good luck. This entire festival will continue for 2 weeks and it will start from the evening of New Years.

All the homes are decorated by using gold and red colors. People visit their closest ones and exchanges gifts and give red envelopes or Hong Bao to kids. During this spring festival, the entire Chinatown will get drenched into this enormous celebration. Dragon and lion dance is an inseparable part of this celebration. The Chingay Parade commences during this time. 


In the Tamil calendar, one will encounter this Thai month. Pusam comes from the star name. It is said that during Thai Month the Pusam star will attain it's the high point. The festival commences on the full moon day. All the devotees will celebrate this day by walking from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple. This festival will continue for two days and all the devotees will try to fulfill all their vows. 

Some devotees will carry milk that they will use for pouring over Vel who is the divine javelin. Other devotees will carry the spiked altars or Kavadis which will pierce their torso. This festival commences during the January end. Make sure you are joining the Kavadi procession that happens annually. A visit to the Sri Mariamman Temple and Sri Thendayuthapani Temple is a must. 

Dragon Boat Festival: 

Duanwu or Dragon Boat Festival is quite famous in Singapore. This festival originated in China thousands of years ago. It is also known as the Double Fifth festival as this day holds the fifth-day position of the Chinese calendar. In Singapore, one can see that all the dragon boats are competing against one another and there is a presence of Chinese communities. All the boats will be at Bedok Reservoir for the competition. 

Realgar wines and rice dumplings are served on this day. The festival commences during the May end and continues till the initial two weeks of the June months. One can enjoy a spectacular view of races that takes place in DBD Marina Regatta and Bedok Reservoir. This festival will offer you fun games that you can enjoy. 

Lantern Festival: 

The lantern festival is encountered during the middle of autumn. This festival is also popular as the spring festival and most of the people celebrate this day with great enthusiasm in Singapore. It is celebrated in order to mark the end of the Chinese New Year. The entire festival is very glamorous where all the kids will take the paper lanterns and light them and release it. You can see that most of the lanterns that are used during this festival are traditional and simple and there are several other lanterns that will be available in various sizes and shapes. 

As all the kids are very enthusiastic about this entire festival so you can see various quizzes for kids which they can solve. When you will the flying lanterns on the night sky you will be amazed and there is no word that can describe the beauty that it carries. In order to encounter the vastness of this festival, one must visit the Chinatown in order to encounter its celebration. Many people will also visit the Moonfeufst Chinese Art Festival in order to see the word performances. You will be able to taste the delicious and mouthwatering mooncakes during this festival. 

Vesak Day: 

All Buddhist followers will celebrate this festival. The death and enlightenment of Buddha are marked on this day. All the followers will go to various charity work or meditate. It is a day when people should perform self-reflection. During Vesak month on the day of the full moon, this festival is encountered. In the initial two weeks of the May month, this festival is encountered. 

Make sure you are visiting all the major temples of Budhha like Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Lin-Shan Shuang Lin Temple, and several others. One must not miss out the rituals that are performed when the Infant Buddha will bath. 

Singapore is a land with great cultural diversity. One will encounter spectacular festivals here that have originated in different places and each of them will have its own significance. The festivals of Singapore are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. One will be able to enjoy various events and mouthwatering food during the festivals. If you are in Singapore then don't miss any festivals that are celebrated here.