One of the fastest-growing areas of the health supplement market is that for CBD oil. Cannabidiol – to give it the full name – is becoming increasingly popular with people who use it combat chronic pain. Bear in mind, however, that CBD oil has yet to be approved – in non-synthetic form as a pain treatment in the USA, but there are versions that have been clinically tested and approved elsewhere. 

Despite this, it is perfectly legal to buy CBD oil in the USA, as long as it meets certain requirements. CBD oil may be derived from the cannabis plant, but it does not usually contain the THC element.  This is the compound that has the psychoactive effect, the one that gets you ‘high’. Does CBD oil work for pain treatment, and how should you take it?

There are various ways of ingesting CBD oil, so we will talk about those now.

How to Take CBD Oil

First let’s talk about how to choose your CBD oil method. For many people, vaping is the way to go, and it remains not only one of the easiest, but also the most effective ways of getting the substance into your system. However, vaping is not permitted in many public places and – where it is – may not be socially acceptable. You can take CBD oil in tincture form, as a suppository, and also as candy-style gummies. These all have their benefits.

One of the most popular methods of taking CBD oil is to buy capsules. Readily available, easy – and discreet – to take, and affordable, capsules do not have the quick-uptake of, for example, vaping, but they make up for this in the fact they are very convenient – keep a bottle in your purse or pocket – and they are pre-measured for your required dose.

Now, as with any product that is relatively new to the market, there is currently a vast choice of suppliers of CBD oil, both in capsule and other form, but there are some things you need to be careful of. There have been reports of CBD oil that hails from China; this may be unregulated, perhaps contaminated, and produced in non-compliant growing conditions. To be legal in the USA, CBD oil must be grown from hemp, and can be imported from Europe.

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More About CBD Capsules

Many people who suffer ailments that bring chronic pain take CBD oil with successful results. The best advice is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to the dosage you should take and, if you are new to CBD, start with a smaller dosage, and increase to the recommended over time.

There are a few side-effects that have been reported with CBD oil, but none of them serious. These include dry mouth, dizziness, a desire to sleep in the daytime and a few others. If you experience any of these in excess – or anything more extreme – you should consult a doctor and stop taking CBD in the meantime.

The simple fact is that, as an entirely natural product, CBD oil is safe to take. The effect it will have depends upon the individual. There is plenty of information available on CBD oil, its effects and its uses, and it is certainly worth reading all you can. Our final word is, to stay on the safe side, make sure you buy one of the recommended, reputable products in the review we linked to, to guarantee a quality product that works.