For many years now the dominance of the coffee machines has been undoubted. This statement is not true for modern coffee brewers that are in constant searching of the best brewing procedures that only a gooseneck kettle can provide them. Being one of the most traditional ways to produce filter coffee this gooseneck kettle device has taken the market by storm in all global directions.

What is a gooseneck kettle?

The gooseneck kettle as its name implies is a simple metal device that can accept a filter on its inside chamber and is usually made out of quality stainless steel having a conical shape where it receives the filter, the ground coffee and the boiling water.

Its shape resembles to a gooseneck and that is why all people are calling it like that no matter where in the world you may reside. The gooseneck kettle is always having a smooth interior funnel shaped metal inside to accept the filter and stabilize it against the poring power of the water.

The kettle is usually having a quality handle made of plastic or another metal so that you can hold it without getting burnt. This is of crucial importance since the filter coffee is always served in boiling temperature and the risk of getting thermal injuries when holding the kettle is apparent.

The ground coffee is placed in the filter that lies in the conical part of the kettle. You only have to poor the boiling water with special care and slow pace inside the kettle and the filter is doing all the hard job. The blended coffee is getting extracted out of the filter and you are enjoying the best quality brewed coffee ever made.

Why is gooseneck kettle better than coffee machines?

The gooseneck kettle is a rather simple device that works with the brewing principle of the filter coffee. It is always easier and more efficient to divert the flow of the boiling water to the exact place the ground coffee lies in the conical shaped kettle. This is very important since ground coffee is not evenly watered when passing through the machines pump and this has a direct negative influence in the strength of the brewed coffee.

In addition, the kettle is always giving you the chance to instantly adjust the flow of the boiling water. You can always test the flavor of the coffee and decide whether or not you are going to poor more water through the filter.

Not to mention, that the gooseneck kettle is easier to clean and maintain than all the other coffee machines. It is also a lot cheaper to acquire and of course you have an immediate touch with the cup of coffee you are preparing. For these reasons, having a gooseneck kettle to brew your coffee sounds like a brilliant idea to most coffee lovers.

What are the major things you should look at when buying a gooseneck kettle?

First, you need to check the water flow. The kettle needs to have an ample tube for the water to pass through the filter and this is only reassured in the most expensive kettles available online. To prepare the best coffee cup you need to adjust the water flow rate to the exact pace that the coffee beans need so that you can extract all the aroma and flavor from them.
Then you need to take into account the special shape and material of the gooseneck kettle.

You need to be sure that rust is not going to appear after several uses, since the water is a corrosive agent that could threaten the integrity of the kettle. Lately, several kettles have been presented having thermo-resistant plastic parts that are not preferred due to the chemical reactions that plastic may undergo when boiling water passes through its mass. Only the best stainless-steel gooseneck kettles are the ones that can ensure proper coffee making with no hassle at all.

Another crucial part of the gooseneck kettle acquirement is the comfort of use. You better prefer kettles that are handy rather than the big and heavy ones that you cannot even hold them still with your one hand. Not to mention that the capacity of boiling water that a kettle may handle is an important factor that relates to the quality of coffee prepared. Make sure that your kettle is competent enough to support larger amounts of water to produce more coffee at a glance.


Gooseneck kettles have made their appearance to the world market and present a traditional way to brew coffee that can easily be compared to the coffee machines. Many people are gradually switching to kettles, especially when they consider the coffee preparing as a mental procedure that relaxes them and allows them to travel in the past when the good memories lie.