For novice traders, there are a lot of different solutions for opening a broker company. If you intend to start your own broker business but want to save money and resources, an ideal solution for this is White Label. 

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to find a white label solution. There are three basic types of partnership, with the help of which you will be able to build your successful business:

1. Collaboration with a technology provider. 
In this case, the technology provider delivers branded client and server part of the system, and you take over liquidity, quotes, risk management, and compliance. 

2. White label from a retail broker.
Partners simply resell the services of a retail broker on a branded platform using ready-made IT, compliance, and risk management systems.

3. Mixed models.
These are mainly provided by institutional companies that do not work directly with retail customers. The broker (company) provides a branded platform, connection to the liquidity sources, and banking support. The white label user deals with compliance and regulation. Either party can be responsible for risk management. 

Each type has its pros and cons, but we highly recommend you to take into account the following characteristics when choosing a partner, which will deliver you a white label solution:
- the reliability of technology;
- ability to replenish an account;
- the list of possible jurisdictions of customers;
- the reputation of the broker;
- the availability of support services.

Based on these characteristics, you will be able to make the right choice. We also recommend you pay attention to tariffs and general expenses. The installation of the system by a particular broker may be free of charge, but the operational costs can make the use of its services more expensive. 

A white label solution allows you to minimize the expenses when launching your own brokerage campaign. It helps you build a business under your own brand, launch new products quickly, focus on the primary business, and earn an additional income from a partnership program. Your provider will deliver high-quality services and technical support to your clients under your brand. 

Such a solution would be especially suitable for a novice broker since it is an ideal way of saving funds and promoting new business. You won’t have to worry about payment processing, refunds, and problems solving. All of these will be a provider’s concern. Also, the latter will be responsible for the functionality of your website or platform. The provider will deliver you a CRM, a personal account, will help you install the necessary software and set it up. The payment system will also be integrated.  

The White Label broker program is designed for those who want to provide online trading services under their own brand while minimizing the cost of acquiring and using the necessary trading platforms. Under this program, broker partners retain full administrative independence of their brand and have the opportunity to offer their customers high-quality trading conditions, access to liquidity providers, news flow, as well as favorable and competitive spreads and commissions in the trading terminal under their logo.