This simple question is a little difficult to answer. The answer to this question depends on the people involved, the piano and piano moving supplies you have. The best way to move a piano is hiring piano movers nationwide. You do not need to ask anyone for help if you are hiring piano movers. They know how to move a piano safely. 

Professionals can move pianos of any size from a spinet piano to a concert grand piano. This is in the best interest of your piano and your property. Don't just hire any random mover. Hire those who are expert in this job. 

There are different types of piano having different sizes and weights. You need to know about the weight of the instrument before recruiting help. A small upright piano weighs less than 300lbs. On the other hand, a large concert grand piano can weigh more than 1000lbs. Still, if you want to move your upright piano on your own, we have a complete guide for you.

How To Move An Upright Piano? 

There are four groups of upright pianos. 

Spinets are the smallest upright pianos. It is 4’10” long and 3’ tall. It weighs around 200-300lbs. Two strong individuals can move it from one room to another room.         
Console pianos are taller than spinets. The height of these pianos varies from 3’4” to 3’7”. Both spinet and console pianos have almost the same weight. Two individuals can handle this weight and size if there are no obstacles such as stairs. If there are stairs involved, you need at least one more strong mover to move an upright piano safely.

Studio pianos are bigger than spinet and console pianos. The length is the same but height varies from 3’9” to 4’. The weight of this piano is around 400lbs. These pianos are commonly used in music schools. This type of upright piano provides the perfect compromise between size and tone. It takes three individuals to move this piano to another room. There are different varieties of studio upright pianos. It takes at least four individuals to move studio piano weighing around 500lbs. 
Moving A Horizontal Piano

You should consider moving a grand piano on your own. A grand piano has a difficult shape. You need to disassemble your grand piano to move it safely. Leave it on experts. They know everything about the piano. They have all the tools and equipment required to disassemble, move and reassemble a piano of this size and shape. At least three or four movers are required to move a small grand piano.          
Moving A Baby Grand Piano

A baby grand piano is heavier than horizontal piano. It is 5’7” in length and weighs more than 500lbs. It takes four strong individuals to move a baby piano,   
Moving a Parlor Grand Piano 

A parlor grand piano is a little bigger than a baby grand piano. The crew of the same size can move a parlor piano. 
Moving A Semi-Concert Piano

A semi-concert piano is 7’ in size. At least five strong individuals are required to handle its weight. A concert grand piano is 2’ longer and weighs more than a semi-concert piano.