Tobacco usage is such a widespread and common culture now that almost everyone, ranging from teens to adults, is somewhat aware of its various ins and outs. Trends in tobacco usage have seen a decrease in the past few years as per various studies. However, the ways of tobacco intake have seen a serious innovation in the past decade as this one element is now found in thousands of different shapes if one is willing to take its shot. Before jumping directly on to the rates and numeric trends of tobacco use worldwide, it is pertinent to talk about some of the most common varieties this drug can be availed in. 

1. Cuts of tobacco 

There are innumerable varieties of  Pipe tobacco depending on how it has been cut. Amongst others, the ribbon cut, flake cut, shag cut, and some others are the most important. Depending upon the ease of availability and economical affordability, people prefer different cuts in pipes which suit their needs the most. 

Coming to the numeric trends of tobacco use, a recent study by the American Lung Organization explains the following trends in tobacco usage in the past few years. 

1. The overall rates of tobacco usage have been decreased significantly with 67% adults, and 68% of youngsters now smoking which is approximately 2 times less than the rates observed in the 1960’s. 
2. Now, there is a lesser number of people who smoke more than 24 tobacco-containing products. The new ratio shows a drop to 79% as compared to the 25% of people who smoked this much previously. The number of people smoking 15 and less than 15 tobacco rollups daily has also seen a significant decrease with the ratio reducing to almost 2 times less as compared to the studies done in the 1970s.
3. Nevertheless, the use of electronic cigarettes as compared to the normal cigarettes has been increased if the ratios till 2014 and those of now are compared. There has been a 14% increase in people trying Electronic cigarettes with their proportion being 12.6% previously and 14.4% now. However, these trends are very vague since the recent users of electronic cigarettes can be evidently seen giving up on the usage of tobacco too.
4. The youngster, especially the teens, show very interesting trends in terms of their tobacco use. While the data of middle school tobacco using children in 2014 and now shows a minor decrease in comparison, the high school students’ data shows an increase of 1% upon the comparison. The study of trends of tobacco smoking in youth also shows that they prefer to smoke it in various forms including hookah, cigar, snus, joint, pipes, smokeless tobacco, dissolvable tobacco, and others.  

2.  Aromatic and Non-Aromatic Pipes

These two are, so far, the most easily understandable distinctions in tobacco availability and can be understood by anyone easily. As its name implies, Aromatic tobacco has some sort of flavor, namely, casing, added either through artificial or natural processes. Depending upon the strength of flavoring added, these Aromatic tobaccos can either be ‘lightly-aromatic’ or ‘semi-aromatic’. Current trends have seen an increase in the usage of Aromatic tobacco over the other type which has no flavoring added and is usually more concentrated than the former.

So, overall it can be said that while the tobacco usage has been decreased to some extent, its trendy and innumerable attractive forms have the potential to attract more people in future.