A commercial refrigerator is bigger, has more functioning parts, and will require extra caution when it comes to repairs in case of a problem. Cooling larger surfaces will take a toll on the commercial unit because of wear and tear. It is crucial that you get the right A1 Dallas commercial refrigeration repair technician. This could be a challenge if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There are some common refrigeration problems that are more common in commercial units and we’re going to highlight some of them. Even those brands that are known to be durable will occasionally need some repair work.

Power Problems

This is one of the most common problems you’re likely to experience with your commercial cooler. It could be that the unit is not powering up the way it is supposed to. Fixed such an issue in a timely manner is crucial if you run a restaurant or food business. Failure to do so could potentially lead to hundreds of dollars in food damages thereby resulting in an inefficient kitchen. You should first make sure that there is no switch that has been turned off. If the switch isn’t the problem, the next thing to do would be to check the wiring outlet for any physical signs of damages.

There is a chance the issue could be voltage and not the power supply. You will have to call a qualified technician if the mentioned troubleshooting techniques don’t work.

Lighting Problem

Sometimes it can be a minor problem such as the lighting not working in the unit. If that is the case, you will need to look at the individual lights to inspect if that is the problem. Most brands use LED lights for commercial fridges because of energy saving capabilities.  If you’re replacing the lights, make sure it is approved and certified by the manufacturer. Failure to do so could potentially damage the sockets in case of a power surge. You can avoid such a scenario by always making sure you’re reading the appliance manual that came with the unit.

Frost Buildup

A typical commercial fridge should have a defrost cycle mechanism. This helps in removing the frost buildup in the unit. Frost will start building up if there is no proper adjustment of the cycle. Sometimes the problem could be with the internal mechanics of the unit and you will have to call a repair technician to provide a permanent fix. Adjusting the defrost cycle can provide a fix if it is not a mechanical issue.

Temperature Problems

This is a big issue that will need to be addressed as soon as possible.  Your fridge may not be cooling as it is supposed to. The problem will be made obvious when you start seeing spoilt food often. The first step in getting to the root of the problem is examining the appliance. A commercial refrigerator should not be placed directly against the wall. This is because there should be enough space for the circulation of air.

 A commercial refrigerator is designed to withstand constant opening and closing but that doesn’t mean that you should do so often. The food should be well arranged with proper labeling so that they’re easily accessible. The constant opening and closing will eventually wear the gasket. Make sure the door is completely closed and sealed so as to enhance the cooling process.


The purpose of the compressor is to keep the food cool. This means your unit will not be cooling properly if there is an issue with the compressor. The compressor needs to be cleaned properly and your manufacturer will provide a manual on how it should be done. Experts recommend cleaning it after every 90 days. Grease, hair, and dirt could prevent the compressor from functioning optimally. The fridge will not be cold if the compressor is running hot.

Evaporator Fan

If your fridge is freezing up, there is a high chance that the evaporator fan is not running correctly. Just like the compressor, the coils of the evaporator fan need to be cleaned regularly. The drain lines should be clear of any obstructions.

Routine Maintenance

Even if there are no problems with the unit, there should be a routine maintenance schedule in place just to make sure it is running efficiently. Potential problems are also discovered early before they get out of hand. Worn out parts should be replaced promptly so that they don’t mess up the functioning of the whole unit.