In a business, it is important for you to get to know the feedback of your customers rather than working on your own gut feeling. Whether it is at a restaurant or online, it is important for you to ask the customers what they like about your restaurant. It has become quite difficult for you to get good quality feedback from the customers as most of the people think that it is a waste of time. In order to get satisfactory quality content from your customers, you should look at these 10 ways to get quality customer feedback.

1. Live chat:

According to many online surveys, it had been seen that customers feel satisfied when they can have a live chat. This live chat helps them to look for items they can't find, order food online by a specific method, visit your restaurant for a special reservation etc. This also helps the customers to find out the pattern of problems in their website or restaurant. A person can honestly ask you about their problems online rather than face to face. 

2. Customer feedback forms:

These forms can be online as well as handed when the customers are done eating. Sending a customer feedback form via email sounds even more appealing as anyone can fill it anytime of the day. Getting an email from the restaurant that you just visited gives off a really good impression. Filling out customer feedback forms traditionally are good too. A person gets some time to think about what they really want to put down on the form.

3. Calling your customers:

It is important to keep track of your customers. Calling or texting them occasionally about the deals and prices of the dishes can help them give an honest feedback to the quality of your services. This method generates the best response. The tone of the customer on the call can help you to decide whether the customer is willing to come to your restaurant again or not. Some times, the customers didn't like the way the restaurant survey that was put on their table and they were forced to fill it out before leaving. 

The time at which the call should be made needs to be evaluated carefully. Certain times of the day are not convenient to call as people are busy with their jobs and life. 

4. Social media:

Social media sites play an important role these days. We all have access to everything on the internet which is why it is important for you to keep track of every activity on social media regarding your restaurant. Set notification whenever somebody mentions the name of the restaurant on any social media sites. This way you can help clear the image of your restaurant and get many more happy customers.

5. An online community:

By creating an online forum, you give your customers more reasons to give out their honest feedbacks. They will most likely interact with more people who share the same opinion and this way the restaurant can help improve whatever the customers complain about. Although this does not require too much work to start but to keep it going, one needs to be really dedicated. One person, the moderator, needs to post daily, start conversations and check progress on daily basis. This helps build friendly relationships with the customers. You will even get new ideas and themes for your restaurant. 

6. Keep the surveys short:

Customers hate it when they have to go through the process of filling out long surveys. It is important for you to understand that your surveys should only have questions which could be answered immediately. This helps you by getting either a yes or a no and the customers do not have to think too much before putting down anything. 

7. Talk to them:

This may be the most reliable and best method to get to know what the customers want. Asking them there and then as to what did they like about the restaurant or how satisfactory was the food helps you as well as the customers as they think that the restauranteur are worried about their services.

8. Rewards:

It takes a lot to take out minutes from one's busy schedule to fill out a survey. Keeping rewards whenever the customers fill out surveys attracts and motivates them to do it even more. Money and discounts are one way to look at but other things such as points, e-books etc could be among some of the rewards too.

9. Free Wi-Fi:

Free Wi-Fi these days attracts even more customers than one can think of. The customers can enjoy chatting with their loved ones as they eat or relax. This adds a positive point to their experience. They would definitely want to visit again.

10. Delay asking for feedbacks:

It is not good to keep emailing or texting your customers to send back the feedback. Getting the feedback as soon as possible might not be as accurate or honest as the one that'll be filled out later when they take out some times from their busy schedule. Having the customers to fill out the forms as soon as they get done with their food is not appropriate too. Sometimes the staff doesn't let the customers go until they fill out every answer of the feedback. This affects the customers negatively. 

All these ways are great to get an honest customer feedback but it is true that now customer satisfaction is the responsibility of every person that works in the restaurant. They need to find ways to improve and impress every customer that walks in to their restaurants. In order to find what image they have in the minds of the customers, they need to adopt these 10 ways.