Babies are sweet, cute and a ball of joy. However, as they start growing, parents find themselves in a fix, especially when the baby is beginning to lose teeth. Baby’s teeth are as delicate as they are so let’s discuss some things to keep in mind when babies lose teeth.

What not to do?

Before we ask you to look up the internet with “family dentist near me”, remember not to pull out your baby’s teeth on your own. This is the first important thing to be considered by any parent, unless you are a dentist, of course, does not have the correct knowledge to pull out teeth. For babies and toddlers, unless the tooth falls out on its own, you will need to get in touch with a dentist.

What to do when your children have lost teeth?

Ask the Child to wiggle it out

Since your child knows how loose the tooth is and how uncomfortable with it, it would be best if your child tried to pull it out. As a parent, if you yanked the tooth free, you may cause your child to feel a lot of pain. Apart from this, yanking the tooth out could lead to bleeding. Ask your child to use their fingers and tongue to loosen it out.

Give your Child an Apple

This is a common trick that parents use when their child is about to lose teeth. If looking up the internet for a professional dentist is not all that you want to do, then you can always offer an apple to your kid. If the tooth is loose enough, the tooth would simply stick to the apple when your child takes a bite.

Do Not Wait

Usually, children can simply choke on the tooth. One of the most common occurrences, your child may swallow the tooth. Once the tooth is loose enough, the tooth may come out while they chew on their food. So don’t wait for this situation to happen with you take your child to a dentist from the moment you feel the teeth are about to come out.

Permanent Tooth Pushing the Baby tooth out
At times, the permanent tooth begins to push the baby tooth out. In such a case, your child may not even go through the stage of a loose tooth. What’s more is that, when the permanent tooth begins to push the baby teeth, your child will be in pain. To make sure that your child is not uncomfortable, you should find a dentist nearby or take your child to your family dentist to find help.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, if your child pulls the tooth out on their own accord, and starts to bleed, you can make use of gauze to stop the bleeding. Make use of wet gauze and hold it above the spot of bleeding with pressure for a few minutes.

However, just to be sure that your child is not in pain or uncomfortable, you should take your child to a dentist the moment you know your child is about to lose baby teeth.