Sterling Media Shows Why Social Media is the Global Communications Game-Changer

In today’s interconnected world, the invention of social media has been transformative, opening a world of marketing opportunities for brands that are now able to reach and engage with their customers more effectively.

Sterling Media, a global business and strategic communication consultancy, founded in 1995 with a mission to drive innovation by bringing brands closer to their purpose in more meaningful ways, acknowledges the powerhouse social media has become. Not only does social media affect the lives of consumers on a daily basis, but it has become an integral part of marketing and brand strategy for organizations, including Sterling Media.

Giving voice to the voiceless, the outspoken and everyone else in between, social media has revolutionised the way people communicate, breaking down the barriers between friends and family on opposite sides of the world, celebrities and their fans, and most crucially, brands and
their customers.

Today, there are 326 million Twitter users, 1 billion Instagram users and 2.32 billion Facebook users, highlighting the popularity of each platform. However, as with many new technologies, social media can have positive and negative impacts. Here are some ways that social media
has changed the game for global communications.

The Power Balance Has Shifted Towards the Customer

Customers will often hold the power of the brand and are able to help or hinder a brand’s reputation with a single post. This can work towards a brand’s advantage as social media posts can act as unprompted glowing customer testimonials however disgruntled customers can make
their opinion heard on social media, affecting a brand’s reputation.

Brand Awareness is Easier to Generate

Whilst the advent of online helped to alleviate disparities, it has been the proliferation of social media that has helped to level the playing field the most. A small company doesn’t need huge budgets to spread awareness of their brand anymore – they only need a strong social media presence and a good communication strategy to start engaging with their desired audience and building their brand.

Promoting A Brand Through Influencers

Digital media has revolutionised the way brands can use endorsements and other partnerships, with the rise of the influencer – the popular internet personality. Whereas once a brand would have to pay for partnership with a celebrity spokesperson who could endorse their business, influencers are far more approachable and cheaper than their celebrity counterparts.

The Human Touch

A common theme when discussing social media is the importance of communication and connection between the owner of a channel and those who consume it. Through direct messaging, brands are able to form a close and bespoke relationship with their customers, which can help to build a strong reputation for the brand.

Game Changer for Communications

Social Media remains a driving force behind the success of brands, from viral global communications campaigns, to leveraging influencer popularity to help boost brand awareness. Making social media marketing a part of overall brand strategy is essential within the modern
day marketplace.

About Sterling Media:
Sterling Media, is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary global business and communications consultancy. The company represents corporates, companies, consumer brands, charities, celebrities, countries, governments, and global thought leaders.