With the immense growth of global e-commerce, there is hardly anyone who still does not shop online. The benefits are indisputable – comfort of shopping from one’s home, competitive pricing, flexibility of payment and delivery terms… The list of benefits is infinite. But the trouble and concern come after the payment is done and the parcel with your dear belongings heads to you. Will it arrive safe and sound? Won’t it be lost on the way? Will the carrier keep it intact? Will there be any delays in delivery?

Luckily, you don’t need to eat yourself with these doubts and fears all those lengthy days and even weeks while your shipment is under way. To save the shoppers’ nerves, the postal carriers have set up a global system of post office tracking. Thus, as soon you buy any item and have it shipped to your location, you receive the tracking number by which online tracking is conducted in real time. How to do it fast and hassle-free? Here the experts of Pkge share some useful tips.  

How Soon Can The Shipment Be Tracked?

Many of us wish to track the shipment once it departs from the online shop’s warehouse. But it’s not always available for international package tracking, which makes us nervous. Expert tip: wait for 24-36 hours since the moment of receiving the track order number. It may take some time for the postal carrier to register the item in its system. Once it starts its way to you, the relevant and up-to-date data about it will be available.

How to Track an International Shipment?

Global package tracking is a bit more complex than domestic tracking is. This happens because an international parcel gets into the hands of several carriers at times. An international carrier may deliver it to your country, while domestically, another service may be responsible for its delivery to you. In such a way, some mess with tracking numbers may take place as different carriers have different formats for standard shipping tracking. If this is your case, you may need to contact your merchant for the relevant post tracking number of your package. Or you can use the global package tracking resources like Pkge.net, which collaborate with numerous carriers and allow quick and hassle-free lookup in real time.  

In Which Ways Can I Track My Package?

There are numerous alternatives for quick and effective domestic and international package tracking, suitable for different circumstances. Users who bought an item from some online shop and have no other tracking information may conduct all online tracking at the merchant’s website in their personal account. Those who know exactly what carrier is tasked with the delivery may do the tracking number lookup via the carrier’s app. It is also possible to track your package at the local post office; this option is the most relevant to those who have lost their tracking data. However, postal tracking at a global track and trace website like Pkge.net is still the most convenient option. Here, you can get the entire spectrum of tracking data at one click, without any unnecessary personal data or package details provided.