Raising teens can be a big challenge for parents. They tend to get moody and extra sensitive during this phase of life. It is important to support them without getting too imposing because the tendency is that they might not open up to you or they will find it difficult to talk to you if you go full martial law on them. In this article, we will share some tips to help you handle your teenagers.

1. Enroll them in a good school – education is indeed very important for the future of your kids. In addition to good career in the future, picking the right school is important because it helps mold the character of your kids. This is where they get to meet friends that they hang out with and also teachers that serve as their second parents. You can check out the International Baccalaureate Singapore which provides balanced academic exposure to prepare them for university life and help them with their values.

2. Get to know their closest friends – it is also important to take time to get to know the closest friends that your kid always spend time with. You can invite them in the house to establish relationship that allows you to contact them in case of emergency. You should see what type of people your teen is hanging out with, not to judge but to warn them in case you see or feel something off about them.

3. Always ask them about their day – open communication is a key to any type of relationship. You should always ask your kid how their day was so you can also get them talking. There might be times wherein they will ignore or smirk at your question but be persistent. They need to realize that you are concern and that you are indeed interested to hear about them.

4. Go on a vacation once in a while – it is understandable that sometimes both parents need to work to provide for the family, but be sure to still spend some quality time with the family. It is a great idea to go on a vacation at least once or twice a year. Go out of town or out of the country and just bond with your kids. Trips like this usually bring the family closer.

5. Hear them out – finally, when your teen does something wrong or broke a house rule, be sure to hear them out first – why they did it and how they feel about it. You need to hear them out so you can understand where they are coming from - then you can respond accordingly. Do not easily jump into any conclusion.

Teens can be difficult to handle but you should never grow tired of giving them lessons, words of wisdom and especially listening to them. Some kids are more comfortable talking to friends. So if you see your kid like that, then act as their friend so they will feel at ease opening up to you. This way, you will be able to guide them. It is important to know your kids so you will know the right approach that will bring you closer to each other, which makes parenting a lot easier.