Are you addicted to cannabis? Your company is going to perform a cannabis oral saliva test to confirm how many employees use such drugs? Want to pass this test? Wish to remain safe and prevent your job? Then don't worry. There are several ways through which you can quickly cleanse your mouth and stay safe. Before knowing the tips to pass oral drug test, you must understand how it is performed.

How is this test performed?
To check either the person is using the drug or not, the swab is placed in the mouth cavity. The strip is rubbed around the cheeks, gums, and tongue region. The swab is wetted correctly in the mouth and then placed in the particular liquid. The change in color immediately provides the answer that either person uses the drug or not.

How to pass the oral saliva test?

In order to pass this test and if you want to not get caught, then follow some of the tips below:

a)    Stop using the drug three days before the test
Some companies announce about the day of the test. Therefore, if it is happening in your company, then you are lucky as you can save yourself. Just stop taking the drug three to four days before the inspection. This is because the THC, which is an active ingredient of cannabis, remains in the saliva for two or three days. You must rinse your mouth several times a day or do brush to remove the residues from the mouth. In this way, you will able to clear your oral cavity, and no one can catch you.

b)    Pass a mouth test on few hours of notice
Sometimes the company announces the test just a few hours before the arrival of the inspection team. This may be alarming as you may not be able to get rid of the drug, and you may have to bear the consequences. In that situation, drink plenty of water and try to use detox mouthwash, rinse you mouth several times to ensure that all residues are removed. You can also take some high-fat meal at that time, because THC is fat soluble. It will quickly dissolve with your meal, and you can clear your oral cavity.

c)    Pass the test when there is no notice
Afraid as the inspection team is in the office to check the employees that either they take the drug or not? What to do now? Always be ready for such a situation and keep adulterant for the drug that will neutralize the presence and clear your oral cavity. For example, in case, if you are cannabis addicted, keep hydrogen peroxide with you. Although it's toxic, this is the best to hide the effects of marijuana. Also, keep some detox mouthwash that can neutralize the THC.

Always be ready for such a situation and keep the preventive measures with you to remain part of the company and to keep yourself safe from any bad consequences.