In today's increasingly environmentally conscious society, the issues surrounding waste, and the measures that can be put in place to reduce it, are becoming more important. While it is understandable that a construction site is likely to produce larger quantities of waste due to the nature of the work that they do, there are certainly things that can be done to reduce this. 

It is estimated that, on average, approximately one-third of the waste produced on a construction site is related to packaging; plastics, cardboard and timber. A considerable amount of this waste is completely unnecessary and can, in fact, be reused, recycled or, by making slightly different choices, avoided altogether. All of these things mean less waste heading to landfill, which cannot be a bad thing.

With the costs associated with disposing of this type of waste increasing every year, it can be a good idea to have a look at reducing not only this type of waste but other waste that you produce on your construction site.

Separating waste
It is vital to ensure that all your employees are following the same sets of guidelines. Separating your waste efficiently can be an important way in which you can reduce your waste costs.

Investing in secure waste storage containers for your site is a good idea. Ensure that they are clearly labelled and colour coded for clarity. Ensure that all your employees are trained in the basic procedures of segregation and that they are encouraged to follow them. If you manage a very large site, then you might want to consider employing someone who is there exclusively to monitor and manage both the materials that come into the site and the waste that is created.

In order to assist with the efficient segregation of construction waste, it may be appropriate to invest in machinery such as crushers or shredders. These will allow you to break down the waste into smaller parts, which will compact much better and take up less space in your waste storage. You might not be reducing the amount of waste you produce, but you will be reducing the space that it takes up. Used plant equipment is a good place to start when looking for crushers and shredders. This can be a good way of finding very cost-effective machinery without a very large expense.

Maximise the potential of your waste
Getting rid of the waste from your construction site will cost you money, so it is a good idea to make your waste work for you rather than against you. Embrace recycling processes, and you will find that you can make some significant savings on your waste removal costs that will help you with your budget. Take a look at the materials that you have and decide which ones can be recycled and which can be resold. There is no need for scrap metal to be sent to landfill, it can be sold on to create an additional revenue stream.

Of course, it isn’t always possible to reduce the waste that you do produce. Reduce where possible and break down using specialist machinery where you can’t, and this will ultimately help to reduce the amount that you are sending to landfill and the costs that you are required to pay out in order to dispose of the waste.