The worst enemy that can derail all the efforts of a company to grow to desired levels is ignoring the aspect of customer service. In fact, ensuring that customers have the best experience is the main factor that differentiates a successful company from those companies that struggle to achieve even average success. In other words, the fastest way for a company to succeed in their efforts to move to higher levels is by rendering customer service of impeccable quality. Of course, offering the products or services of the highest quality is important as well. 

Customer service of appropriate nature will help you stand out from the competition.

Though there may be a number of other companies that offer products that are similar to what you are offering, you can stand out from them only by ensuring customer service of the highest quality. This means that you must impart appropriate customer service skills in your employees. Apart from it, you can seek the help of experts to do a thorough study of your business, your company's culture, etc. so they can suggest the right ways for introducing the most suitable customer service strategies that go well with your business. 

This notion is wrong.

Employees who work in other departments such as accounts, marketing, administration, and HR have a notion that those manning the customer service department do not have much work. Nothing can be more wrong than this notion. The fact is that it is a customer service representative who faces the missiles of wrath, anger, and abuses of customers when something goes wrong. In other words, these representatives are almost always under fire. 

In fact, those who are working in other departments must be educated suitably so they understand the difficulties faced by employees working in the customer service department. Experts point out that no amount of theoretical education will make employees working in other departments know the difficulties of customer service executives. In fact, there are no perfect theoretical lessons available and this is all the more true in the lessons that should be learned in the realm of customer service. It is in this context these experts advise that other employees should be made to man the firing line by asking them to step into the shoes of a customer service representative.

This means that every executive working in other departments should be asked to go along with a customer service representative when they reach out to customers for getting their feed-backs. Since they will be right in the firing line, they will personally experience and know what type of brickbats those who deal directly with customers receive. 

The hands-on experience executives and employees working in other departments get by walking a day in the shoes of customer service executives will help them realize that the job of a customer service representative is as difficult, or perhaps, more difficult than their tasks. In fact, even you, despite being the owner of the company, should make it a point to attempt this exercise at least for a day  so you can also know how employees working in the customer service department are facing the reactions of customers.

Come what may, you should give importance to putting in place appropriate helpdesk ticketing system.

Of course, despite the fact that you are making employees of other departments have hands-on experience of the difficulties faced by customer service staff, not all of them may be able to understand the ordeals faced by them. A few of them may refuse to accept the reality. So, some of the influential employees among them may try to stall introduction of certain customer service procedures that they find inconvenient. They may come out with one excuse or the other for not allowing the management to put in place the required systems. You, as the owner of the company, should not allow such outrageous objections because stalling of your customer service efforts will delay your growth.

Instead, you should focus on the bigger issue, that is to stand out from your competitors that may also be offering products that are similar in quality as those that are offered by you. This means that you should not "give in" to the ways of such influential but efficient employees and must ensure to introduce the appropriate ways for serving your customers in the best possible manner.

Constantly striving to satisfy customers is an interesting journey.

Making the employees working in other departments realize the difficulties of customer service executives by asking them to personally experience the reactions of customers is one of the most important steps in your company's journey to ensure customer satisfaction. But ensuring customer satisfaction is an ongoing as well as an interesting process.

Is there any perfect formula for putting in place good customer service systems?

Even before you embark upon your journey of putting in place good customer service systems, you may experience a nagging, little voice in your head that frequently pops up despite your efforts to control it. The little voice may say - "Wait! Are you sure your efforts will yield results?" Especially, this nagging objection may mainly be about deploying employees of other departments along with a customer service representative when she reaches out to customers. Only if you succeed in conquering this little voice that keeps feeding your doubts, you will be able to put your heart and soul on your job of introducing the right customer support systems.

The only way to succeed in this step is to FORCE your mind and rid it of such doubts and start implementing your customer service ideas. In fact, if you practice ignoring and dismissing such little voices of doubts out of your mind, you will succeed in acquiring faith. It is a known fact that faith can move mountains. So, never let your doubts stand in the way of introducing the most appropriate systems that can help you in your customer service efforts because these systems, if properly implemented, will catapult your company to higher levels.