There can be few joys as profound the joy of travel, but whilst we all enjoy our holidays, they might be costing us more than they need to. Travel is no longer just a plane ticket and a hotel: It means understanding the nature of the country you’re travelling to, the type of expenses you may need and preparing a successful travel plan.

Below, we’ll single in on the six most common mistakes that holidaymakers across the country are making every year that could be costing them more than necessary.

Booking at the Wrong Time - Flight costs fluctuate depending on supply and demand, so the real key to holidaying with the best value is booking at the right time. Keep an eye on Skyscanner and do some research, because if you book too late or too early, you’ll end up paying more than everyone else on the plane!

Withdrawing Abroad - Whilst it might be a good idea to keep your debit cards on hand in case of an emergency - drawing money out of an ATM abroad can be needlessly expensive, with a 2 or 3 per cent fee often bolted on top of the withdrawal itself. You might not worry about it at the time, but you will certainly have a rude awakening when you check your bank account after arriving home and find a raft of international withdrawal fees.

Airport Currency - There are so many options available today for currency exchange (most major supermarkets even offer the service) that there’s no good reason to wait until you get to the airport to change your currency. Shop around for the best rates in the weeks before you fly, otherwise, you’ll be stung at the airport, which knows it’s always a ‘last minute’ solution and charges accordingly.

Wrong Card - Using credit cards aboard can seem tempting, particularly given the growing adoption and convenience of contactless payments, but you might be incurring some significant fees if you’re using the wrong card. Make sure you check the overseas fees of your card before going away or invest in a prepaid financial services card, which offers a safe, secure and affordable way to use contactless payments abroad without incurring ridiculous fees.

Leftovers - We all have one - that random draw in the bedroom or the living room that collects all the various ‘leftover’ currencies from our various vacations. Don’t neglect this leftover cash next time you go away. Even worse, many holidaymakers choose to waste their leftover cash at the airport on duty-free clobber they don’t really want or need. Before pulling the plug on that bottle of local plonk, think about the next holiday instead!

Paying in Pounds - Not only is the value of the pound currently in the gutter but if you choose to pay in GDP you will automatically be paying the local exchange rate, sight unseen. This could be significantly higher than the rate offered by your bank. So, when offered the choice, whilst I might seem ‘clearer’ to pay in pounds, always opt for the local currency.

Skipping Insurance - Finally, don’t skimp on travel insurance! It will cost you less than a tenner and could end up saving you a small fortune!