With an enormous number of people now meeting and choosing their potential soulmates over the internet, dating sites have evolved into a billion dollar industry. Have you ever thought why the divorce rate among the people who met online and then married afterwards is considerably lower than the ones who met with conventional methods? Well, that’s because most of the people conduct a background check of their date prior to meeting them in person.
    Here are some reasons and ways that you can utilize to conduct a thorough background check of your date even prior to meeting them to see if they’re a good match or not.

    With an increased number of online frauds and other illegal online activities, conducting a background check on your date is now more important and beneficial for you than it has ever been. With a quick background check, you can see if a person is telling the truth about his identity or not, this way you can prevent kidnapping. You can also spot sex offenders, criminals, cheaters and adulterers through the background check process.

How to do a background check:

    There are countless ways that you can use to conduct the background check of your date before deciding to go out on a date. Here are some ways you can do a thorough check:

Social Media:

    Social media is the single most effective tool if you what to trace someone and collect all kinds of details about his personal relationships, his family, social life etc.

    A simple way to find someone on social media is to search for their name and city on some popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But remember that this method is counterproductive, your date can also trace you with the same details.

Criminal Record Check:

    All the counties and states in the US keep a criminal record of every citizen that has even moved into or out of their area. A quick and effective way to find out if your date has any criminal record is co ducting a criminal record check by the county. You can also get a state level criminal record check to get more details. The method is secretive and you can get anyone’s criminal record to see if they’re your ideas match or not.

Sex Offender Registry:

    Sex Offender Registry is a public list that includes the names and full details of sex offenders within a state, city or a whole country. This list can be accessed be any citizen, and it is made specifically for the people who are trying to make new relation ships, so, you better conduct a background check on your date to avoid meeting up with a sex offender.

    So, it is obvious that getting the background of your date checked is completely legal, and it helps you clear any doubts about your new date and you can build new relationships fearlessly.