The most common crime reported in the United States occurs every 3 seconds—theft. Larceny, in particular, which is theft from a business or an individual with a value of over $400, is the most common type of theft. This crime makes up sixty percent of every reported crime in the United States. Larceny can range from shoplifting at a store to pick-pocketing an individual. Depending on whether this crime is considered a misdemeanor or a felony, the jail time can vary from 30 days up to a year. 


Another type of theft that is reported about two million times per year is burglary. Burglary falls under the category of theft and involves breaking into  premises, such as a vehicle or home, to steal. Speaking of cars, vehicle theft equates to more than ten percent of reported crimes.

A burglary usually does not involve anyone besides the burglar and the property that they unlawfully entered. Even if the accused simply reached in one of their hands to steal something rather than fully entering a car, house, or building, it is still burglary. When a court establishes the intent to commit a crime inside of a building, the jail time can range from one to twenty years.Given this, if you've been accused of theft, getting assistance from a quality law firm, such as Gambriani law, is imperative to help reduce this sentence.


The second most common crime committed in the US is assault. Assault involves the threat of or actual act of inflicting harm on another person. When there is an intent to harm that individual greatly, the charge is upped to aggravated assault. 

Assault accounts for seven percent of all reported crimes and can be performed with or without a weapon. The primary factor that differentiates assault fromaggravated assault is the amount of damage done to the victim and whether that damage is life-threatening.

Aggravated assault ranges from one to fifteen years in prison if convicted. The difference in time spent in jail, as well as the fine, is dependent on where the crime was committed. Some states have more severe penalties than others. Aggravated assault is always a felony, so it will have much stronger repercussions than most other crimes.


Robbery, which is a violent crime combined with property theft from an individual, makes up about three percent of crimes in the U.S. This crime is also always seen as a felony in the judicial system. For a crime to be considered a robbery instead ofa theft, the robber must forcefully take what they are after, and there must be a fear of harm or actual harm to the victim.

If a robber commits a crime but has no criminal record, they could spend one to three years in prison. When the offense is more severe, and there is an existing criminal record, this crime could receive a life sentence. If there is not enough evidence to prove a robbery, the charges can be dropped.
While murder is a popular topic for crime, it is not a very common crime. There were less than twenty thousand murders in the United States in 2017. Depending on the degree of the murder charge, the sentence can range from life in prison to a death sentence.