The fashion industry has lately started to impact ordinary human life to a great extent. The aspiration to look appealing has always been there among humans. However, earlier people only followed the celebrities as trendsetters and restricted fashion and style for certain occasions only. 

Over the years, with increased awareness, the millennial today have understood that looking fashionable does not necessarily mean dressing up like Brad Pitt or Selena Gomez at an event. In fact, you can have your own style and dress up in your daily life while still looking stylish and fashionable. Perhaps that is the reason why there have been newer fashion buzzwords such as travel fashion, sports fashion and even corporate fashion. These classifications indicate how you can dress up fashionably according to the requirement of a given time and place, yet still, look right on point.

The trickiest bit for most people to handle is the corporate fashion or dressing up at the workplace. A major reason is that your workplace is one place where you are expected to be professional and are part of greater corporate culture. That means you need to find a way to strike a balance between looking professional while also maintaining your own style.  While senior executives somehow do manage to find their way, the newer blood often struggles with maintaining this balance. Especially the millennial, who are not used to dressing in a monotonous manner and prefer the change, find it hard to ensure that they look stylish without compromising professionalism. Here is a quick guide to help you sort this issue and make sure that you look both professional and stylish at the same time.

Carry Your Confidence
Most people focus on the dressing bit when they think about looking stylish. Interestingly, they tend to overlook the importance of looking positive and confident. Fashion is all about carrying a certain kind of personality and not just about wearing a particular kind of dress. Especially when you are part of a professional organization, it becomes important to give out a confident and a positive vibe so that you can get your message across smoothly and get the right kind of attention. You need to find that vibe from within yourself since that is something which does not come from buying a dress. Learn to love yourself and embrace yourself with all your weaknesses. 

The Dress
Your dress is the most dominating part in your entire attire and therefore it is important that you get it right. When deciding what type of dress you should wear, it is best to understand the corporate culture that is prevalent in your workplace. Every workplace follows a distinct culture. Some maintain a strictly orthodox formal setting while many contemporary organizations adhere to a more casual culture. The choice becomes a tad bit easier for those who work in strictly formal settings, however, it gets trickier for those who are part of casual corporate cultures. It is important to understand that the term casual do not imply that you can walk into your office just the way you would walk into a nightclub. 

However, it means that you can take certain liberties such as ditching a 3 piece suit and wearing something lighter such as a Polo t-shirt with jeans. For formal settings, if you cannot wear suits on a daily basis, pair up formal full sleeved shirts with dress pants or skirts. Make sure there is not too much color or print on your outfit. Pick up something that you can carry with comfort and avoid wearing outfits that are too revealing or can cause the distraction. Avoid dresses which can hinder you from performing your tasks effectively such as long flared skirts or flared sleeves.

The Shoes
The shoes follow the same rule as the dress. Your pair of shoes should be comfortable for you to walk around or stand for long hours. Moreover, it should not keep you from performing your job with the required efficiency. For women, high heels are considered classy and elegant but of course, wearing high heels is not everyone's forte. If high heels are not your game, then you can still manage the same elegance by going for kitten heels or wedges. Another option is to consider flat pumps. Whatever you choose, make sure you try it on for comfort.

Most women are too tempted to accessorize themselves such as wearing half a dozen super cool rings and bracelets along with long earrings. However, that will not work at every workplace. On the other hand, there is another extreme that believes that women should not be wearing any accessory at all at the workplace, which is also not appropriate. The key lies in accessorizing yourself in just the right manner and not going overboard with it, achieving a simple classic look. Whether you are a male or female the most dominating accessory that you should be wearing is a minimalist watch. These type of watch styles are perfect for work settings along with those who are simple in their outfit choices. Minimalistic watches serve style and purpose, functional and elegant at the same time. Although there could be a lot of other nicer watches available in the market, a minimalist watch sends off a strong statement. Wearing a minimalist timepiece implies that you are kind, professional and polite.

The Bag
It is very important to carry a bag to the workplace. However, many people are still struggling to figure out the right kind of bag. As much as your tempted to use one of those tote bags that you use during grocery shopping, it is best that you do not use them. A smarter choice would be to go for a leather briefcase or a backpack that can easily hold all your belongings. While there are some really cool briefcase options available in the market, it is recommended that you pick a backpack instead. They are great for long walks and allow you to easily walk around without hurting your shoulder and backbone. Besides everything else, backpacks have been the hottest red carpet trend last year.

Hair and Makeup
Men should resist the urge to apply half a jar of gel in a single go. Your hair should choose a hairstyle that can offer you a breather be neatly tucked back. If you are women, try not to keep your hair open and tie it smartly in a ponytail.