Since boxing is a full contact combat sort injury is a very common result of this sport. A boxer can be injured during training or even in the main sport. 

Though there are certain rules to prevent serious injuries and to prevent any real war between two players, willingly or unwillingly boxers get injured very often. 

It is very hard to prevent the injuries resulted by boxing completely but you can prevent it at a great extent if you know the technique about how to prevent injuries in boxing. 

You have to know the common boxing injuries as well as learning how to prevent those injuries. This will help you to take necessary precautions effectively.

Well, let’s start with common boxing injuries.

7 Common Boxing Injuries You should be Aware of 

1. Cutting or Lacerations

Cutting is a common injury that most frequently occurs during professional fighting. If any part of your body is cut, clean that wound and does apply petroleum jelly gently over it to stop bleeding. 

2. Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding is a very common injury occurs during a bout. Small lacerations inside the nose cause it to bleed. 

3. Bruises

When blood vessels under the skin get damaged bruises occurs then. The soft tissue of your rib cage can get bruised easily by the high impact force. 

Generally, cold compression is applied to the bruised body part. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain. 

4. Fractures 

Having fractured bones in the nose, wrist, hand, jaws, and rib regions are very common for boxers. These bones are generally known as metacarpal bones and that is why fracture in these bones is also known as “Boxers Fractures”.

Having a fracture is a more serious injury that needs immediate and extended treatment.  

5. Shoulder Dislocation 

Shoulder dislocation means detaching the humorous bone of the arm from the shoulder blade or scapula. A shoulder dislocation occurs due to a heavy blow or improper movement of the hand. It is a very serious injury that needs immediate hospitalization.   

6. Concussion 

The heavy impact to the head causes concussion and it results in a loss of consciousness, vomiting, disorientation, short term memory loss, dizziness, and headaches. If a concussion occurs immediate hospitalization is necessary.

7. Sprains

During training or bouts, a boxer has to do a frequent and rapid movement which may result in muscle and ligament sprains. Sprains generally occur in back, shoulders, arms, knees, and ankles.

8 Effective Ways to Prevent Injuries in Boxing 

1. Wear Protective Boxing Gears 

Proper protective gears can save you from many injuries. So do not forget to wear the protective boxing gears which include-

Head Guard: A head guard protects your head from injury. There are different types of the head guard of various brands are available in the market. During purchasing a head guard you should notice that whether it is properly cushioned, feels comfortable, easily breathable and easy to see out of.
Mouth Guard:  It is a must boxing gear you should wear before entering the ring. A cheap mouth guard of low quality is not capable to protect you from high impact. So, it is wise to purchase a high-quality mouth guard even if it is expensive.
Gloves for Sparring: A boxer of below 147lbs weight should wear sparring gloves of at least 14 ounces. On the other hand, a boxer having more than 147lbs weight needs sparring gloves of at least 16 ounces. 
Gloves for Training:  During training period when you have to practice using heavy punching bags it is better to have a separate pair of gloves. It is wise to choose bigger gloves for the training period. 
Hand Wraps: Hand wraps provide protection to your hand. You can go for a semi-elastic hand wrap. During purchasing check that whether the chosen hand wraps can wrap your hand properly or not. 
Groin Guard: A big size groin guard with more padding is preferable to choose. 

2. Use Moisturizer to Prevent Nose Bleeding 

If the skin inside your nose is dry and brittle it is more susceptible to cut and bleed. By applying moisture on the inner skin of your nose you can make your nose less susceptible to bleed.

You can use saline water nose drops, and natural moisturizing nose sprays such as Aloe Vera nose sprays etc. for keeping your nose skin moisturized.

3. Apply a Thin Layer of Petroleum Jelly on Your Face

Your face is a very favorite target of jabs. Applying petroleum jelly on your face makes it slippery, supple and elastic and so it becomes less vulnerable to cut and bruises from punches. 

If you are fighting a professional game where wearing a head guard is not allowed, never forget to cover your face with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

4. Learn Proper Punching Technique

You have to learn the proper punching technique so that your hands do not get injured during applying punch to the opponent. 

5. Maintain Effective Diet Plan

A boxer must maintain an effective diet that will keep him strong and help him to heal quickly if he gets injured. Your daily diet must include a high amount of calcium, protein, and Vitamin D. 

Also, do not forget to include plenty of fluids in your diet plan. You should also take a sports drink during training or between bouts to keep the level of the electrolyte of your body in an equilibrium state. 

6. Do Stretching Exercise 

To prevent muscle strain and injury do stretching exercise on a regular basis. It helps to increase the range of your movement by increasing the length of your ligament. 

Do not forget to do warm up exercise before sparring. It is a good practice to do stretching exercise aiming specific muscle of your body, for example- hamstring, quadriceps, and shoulder muscles.

7. Take Enough Rest 

Doing hard work and practicing for a long time is very good. But, after practicing boxing steps for a long time give enough rest to your body. 

8. Learn Defensive Technique 

Learning the offensive technique is necessary for boxing but at the same time, you should also learn the defensive techniques. Because it may not be possible to stay in the offensive mood for all the time in the bout, sometimes you have to defend the attack of the opponent. So, you should give importance on defensive technique also.


The injuries caused by boxing can be prevented at a significant rate by taking the precautions stated above. You can also decrease the injury rate by using common sense and by listening to the reaction of your body.

Whenever you feel any pain that is not healing, do not do late to consult with a doctor. Maybe the pain is the result of a serious injury that you are not understanding.