We live most of our life indoor from work, taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning to watching television, connecting on social media, and more. Unfortunately, all this indoor time has a negative impact on our health.

Spending some time outdoors is probably the least appealing activity. Most especially when paired with physical activity, like running or hiking, the health benefits of going outside increase. Below are some compelling reasons from outdoorgearonly.com why being outdoors will help you live the best life.

1. It’s a free way to get fit

One of the best reasons why people tend to go for outdoor adventure is because it enables them to live an active lifestyle. Walking is the ultimate no-cost activity. Taking a few minutes walk can give your body the exercise that it needs to stay fit.

 You can go for a jog in your local park, or grab your binoculars to spot a flying bird can keep you entertained for hours. If you are planning to make lifestyle changes, this is something you should incorporate into your routine.

2. Your stress levels will go down

Stress is harmful when not managed properly. Camping outside is a reliable way to manage stress. You don’t need a piece of specialized equipment to take advantage of this effect. Several studies have shown that walking through a grove of trees or a forested area has good benefits on stress and health.

After spending some time outside, the levels of the stress hormone cortisol are lowered and generally make you feel more positive about life. For the next weekend, choose to spend time in nature to reduce your stress load and return feeling rejuvenated.

3. You’ll improve your focus and memory

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors, such as walking in the park, can help strengthen our ability to concentrate no matter what the season. Just a little fresh air and sunshine can help increase your focus. Creative problem solving and cognitive function can be boosted by nearly 50 percent after spending several days exploring the outdoors.

If you find your brain flitting around, then find a park or other natural space where you can take a brief walk for a few minutes to absorb the natural world. Looking at trees, rivers, mountains, and other natural features have shown to give our brains the needed rest, allowing us to come back refreshed and ready to focus. 

4. It will help you sleep better

Poor sleep patterns are caused by a variety of disorder, like insomnia, but they are generally regulated by a hormone called the “circadian rhythm.” This hormone is affected by your exposure to sunlight. You've isolated the source of your body’s natural rhythms if you’re spending too much time indoors and your sleep cycle is likely to suffer.

Routine exposure to sunlight can help reset your circadian rhythm, and helping you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply at night. Start waking up when the sun comes up, stay active during the brightest part of the day, and then start winding down when it darker.

5. It helps your body get some vitamin D

Many of us are not getting the required vitamin D because we’re spending enough time indoors. Even the foods we consume that naturally contain vitamin D don’t provide enough to satisfy our optimal requirements, so the body’s best source of vitamin D is the sun. 

Vitamin D is good for cell and bone growth; it also helps strengthen our immune functions and helps reduce inflammation. Just 15 minutes of sunlight every day is enough to give your body the Vitamin D that it needs.

6. It benefits your mental health

Your brains spend most of your day processing, filtering, and responding to stimulation. This demand for your mental reserves needs to be relieved; therefore, your brain needs a break. Spending some time outdoors is likely to enhance your mental health. 

 According to a study from the University of Michigan, walking outside is strongly linked to lowered depression and stress levels. Being outdoors gives you more versatility, more flexibility because it automatically gives you a change of pace and environment.

7. It’s better for your eyes

Going outside is good for the health of your eyes. The more time we spend indoor or with the screen, the more likely we are to suffer dry eye syndrome. For example, spending too much time on the computer can lead to blurred and double vision, eyestrain, headaches, red eyes, and even nearsightedness.

Letting the eye focus on something distant allows the eyes muscles to relax and recover. Those who use at least two hours a day or more outdoors were four times less likely to become nearsighted.

In summary

There’s no wrong way to venture outside and experience the health benefits of the outdoors. You can replace the time spent inside on devices with a walk to a local park or a bike ride. Your body and mind will appreciate and thank you for it later.