It is vital for lawyers to keep track of billable time with clients, which can be quite tedious for lawyers who charge per hour. Gone are the days of paper documents being used for timesheets that can be misplaced. Furthermore, traditional timesheets are unnecessarily time-consuming, especially when taking into account that important information can easily be filled in incorrectly and that identifying and correcting these errors can be quite difficult. 

Thankfully, time tracking software such as Hubstaff provides a fantastic solution for lawyers and law firms to easily and accurately keep track of their working days. There are quite a few beneficial elements to making use of time tracking software for a law firm, such as online timesheets, timesheet management for billing time, tracking the progress of client and task cases, and usually most time tracking software is pleasingly available to use from the web or conveniently, from a mobile device. 

Because there are quite a few time tracking software platforms available to choose from when looking to increase productivity and reduce payroll errors, we have listed 5 of the top rated time tracking software that provides features to specifically suit law firms. 

#1 Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a great choice for attorneys and law firms to make use of for tracking time. This time tracking software provides features that are aimed at improving productivity attorneys and law firms and you can also opt to take advantage of a 14-day free trial to test the software and decide if it really does suit the needs of your law firm. It is quite user-friendly and provides simple to use time tracking features such as online timesheets that can capture vital information easily and accurately, which is stored on a single database and analytic reports can be generated with ease as well. Additionally, Hubstaff also provides a feature that allows you to keep track of progress on client and task cases, which is most definitely a desirable feature for attorneys and law firms around the globe. Using this time tracking software is quite effortless and what’s more, you can only use it from a mobile device. 

#2 Toggl

This time tracking software is designed for attorneys and law firms to streamline productivity. By offering features that allow attorneys to easily enter accurate information onto online timesheets effortlessly. It also stores all your information safe, which is great. You can invite all your employees to use this software platform and easily compile reports and improve your teams time management while also helping to identify opportunities. This time tracking software also enables you to round time entries in a simple and fast manner to maximize revenue. Toggl also offers a free trial for you to get a better feel of the platform and decide if it is the right time management software for your law firm. 

#3 Smokeball

Smokeball is an automatic time tracking software aimed at lawyers. This top-rated software platform provides an activity intelligence feature that can process the information entered on the online timesheets and will prevent lawyers from missing any billable time. Furthermore, Smokeball automatically compiles billing entries, assists with adjusting schedule times, and provides a beneficial profit analysis report. By using this software you can greatly increase productivity for your attorneys and even though it seems that there is no free trial offered, you can opt to watch a demo video to get a better idea of how the software platform functions.

#4 TSheets

With TSheets you can maximize profits and billable time for your law firm. This software is also specially designed to suit the time tracking needs of attorneys and law firms. The online timesheet feature promotes extremely accurate information to be entered quite effortlessly, which will increase productivity and profits for law firms. There is also an audit protection feature that provides a DCAA-compliant log of time entries. Other features provided include management of multiple clients and codes. TSheets also offers a free trial and affordable monthly subscription packages to choose from.

#5 Timecamp

Timecamp ensures that your attorneys will never miss appointments again. This time tracking software provides transparency for both attorneys and clients with alluring features such as accurately automated timesheets and precise billing and invoicing features. Furthermore, this software platform is also quite effortless to use and it is trusted by thousands of companies. 

How can time tracking software benefit law firms?

Time tracking software is mainly beneficial for attorneys and law firms because it enables accurate information to be safely stored, usually on a single database. Traditional timesheets and paper documents are a thing of the past and many companies are choosing to opt for time tracking software to prevent the time-consuming process of filling out paper documents, identifying and correcting errors, and avoiding the possibility of misplaced documents. With time tracking software, attorneys can rest assured that their billing time is accurate to the second and clients will also appreciate the accuracy that this software has to offer with regards to invoices and billing information.