Curious about the Dragon Ball franchise and the various superpowers that give characters an edge? We’ve broken down the best of these powers to explain what’s important about them.

Ultra Instinct

We start with Ultra Instinct because this is widely considered the best superpower in the series, although that’s not completely true. While it definitely is a powerful technique, it does not make a character infallible, and even with it, its user can be defeated.

With Ultra Instinct, the user can defend themselves without having to acknowledge a threat. Their body becomes automatically aware of any threats and defends itself on its own. But Ultra Instinct does not make the user completely aware of every possible hazard. And while it’s easy to defend while using Ultra Instinct, it is not easy to master the ability to attack while in Ultra Instinct.

Light Bullet

Only Dispo, so far, has shown the ability to use the Light Bullet superpower. Light Bullet gives the user the ability to move faster than sound and light. In battle, this translates into movements that others cannot track.

While using Light Bullet, the character leaves red afterimages behind them. The movement, according to Goku, is also very linear, which makes it easy to predict where the user will end up in Light Bullet mode.

There is also a Super Maximum Light Speed Mode, which can only be used by Dispo when his ki is at maximum. This mode erases some of the weaknesses of regular Light Bullet mode, but it eats up a lot of power and is not completely invulnerable.

Time Skip

Only a few users are able to master the Time Skip, most notably Hit. With this superpower, the user skips a tenth of a second of time. Time does not stop for the other users, so a wily opponent may not be affected too badly by a Time Skip.

Against a character who is not ready, Time Skip can be very effective, especially if the user is also particularly fast. It should always be used against opponents of similar or lesser strength, however, as opponents with higher strength can shorten the Time Skip.

Hit is at times able to increase the duration of the Time Skip to as much as a whole half a second, and on one occasion, he was actually able to freeze an opponent while skipping.


A character with this power can manipulate both objects and people using just the mind. Many users have developed this superpower, though General Blue was the first. If the user is distracted by something, the Telekinesis will be broken.

The power is used to levitate Dragon Balls, in training, and to throw stones or other objects at opponents. It can also be used against weaker opponents, but it is mostly useless against stronger ones. That means its primarily benefit in battle is often in manipulating objects to use as weapons.

Rage Mode

In extreme distress, a user might be able to enter Rage Mode. Each character looks a bit different when they enter this mode: Beerus glows purple, for example, while Golden Frieza’s veins bulge while he glows white.

Rage Mode is a strong power-up that allows the user to overpower many other characters and even superpowers under the right circumstances. Vegeta, for example, is more powerful than Super Saiyan 3 when in Rage Mode, and Beerus destroyed the Z Fighters easily with Rage.

It takes a lot of energy to sustain Rage Mode, so there are times when it is not effective. On one occasion, for example, Golden Frieza entered Rage Mode in a battle with Goku but had lost too much power. Instead of finding Rage Mode useful, it simply caused the user to collapse.