Smoked meat and fish are dietary staples that have existed since prehistoric times. The earliest practices of smoking the food were due to practical reasons – to prevent and delay food spoilage. This has ceased to remain a concern, but smoked food is nevertheless a school of cuisine with a unique flavor and vibe. So whether you like that smoked cheddar cheese as an ingredient, or you like plain old smoked red meat, owning an electric smoker can address all your needs.

Electric smokers are by far the most convenient form of smoking that exists – unlike many other traditional methods, you will not have to constantly hover over and monitor the food menacingly, and painstakingly feed wood stakes and pucks in order to keep the flow of smoke alive and sufficient. As a caveat, some electric smokers do fall short when it comes to smoking compared to the traditional solution, but it is a small tradeoff for such a large variety of conveniences and options it brings. So here are five tips if you are planning to get yourself started with an electric smoker.

Make Sure You Purchase The Right Smoker. 

Smokers can vary to a large degree on the price range, and that is because they have many features on-board that determine how convenient they are in the long run. Ideally, you want to go for the fully-featured smokers irrespective of the price tag, but there are money-for-value budget smokers that exist as well. To determine which smoker you should go for and get an idea about the price range and what smokers are the best in the market in terms of ease of cleaning, use, safety measures, and dimensions, you can take a quick look at the highest rated electric smoker reviews on

Tips To Utilize Your Electric Smoker

Pre-season it.

The best thing to do when you start using your newly purchased smoker out of the box is to preseason it. Set it to around 250 – 270 degrees (Fahrenheit) and leave it be for two hours, and then one additional hour with woodchips placed. This is a great way of running a diagnostic tool that both optimizes your smoker and tells you whether it has performance issues. 

Use the right wood chips. 

Does not use scrap wood, as it will generate a noxious fume that will not only ruin your meal but is harmful to your health directly. For the best results, use hardwood which is soaked in water to get a steady and lasting stream of smoke.

Do not place your meal ingredients up front. 

This is more of a cooking tip, but it is always better to preheat your appliances before you start the cooking/smoking. Let it rise to the desired temperature, and then place to food on the tray. 

Like all appliances, smokers require some maintenance and upkeep investment. 

Oil and grease will inevitably accumulate inside the smoker, and these get tough to remove later on, also bringing in all sorts of problems. So make sure to at least semi-regularly clean the smoker, preferably with a vinegar solution.