Getting a traffic ticket is one of life's most frustrating events. Sometimes it happens when you aren't even in your car. You return to your vehicle, having only left it for a short time, and see that dreaded ticket on your window—it’s annoying. What makes it worse is if there are errors on the ticket. Still, these can be a blessing in disguise, and can even be a reason to get out of paying the fine altogether.

Here are some of the errors that you can find on a traffic ticket. 

Incorrect Code

This is how you know which rule has been broken. Whether it is running a red light or an illegal lane changes it needs to be correct to hold up in court. If you see that there is an error in which code has been recorded, or it isn't clear which one is applicable you should look into getting the ticket dismissed. The officer writing the ticket may not remember the right offense, this can help you with a potential dismissal.

Wrong Date or Name

Trivial information should be easy to record, but mistakes happen. If you have a traffic ticket and some of the personal information is incorrect, then these may not be enough to have your offense dismissed.  If the officer miswrote the date of summons then this can make your absence more acceptable but be careful, some states are less lenient than others when it comes to this. Your Houston traffic ticket attorney will be able to help advise whether or not your absence was reasonable or not.

Incomplete Ticket

It is not uncommon for the officer who issues your ticket to become distracted or forget to fill out a particular section of your ticket. It might be possible to get it dismissed if some of the vital information is missing such as the offense or even vehicle information. 

Incorrect License Details

Sometimes an officer might write out your license incorrectly, or it may be difficult to read. As it might not be clear if the ticket is meant for someone else, there is a genuine case for dismissal. If you return to your car and it has someone else's license plate on your ticket, check to see if that is the car next to yours for example.

Make and Model

General vehicle information can also be off. If this is the case, then it can be difficult to determine if the ticket was definitely relating to you or not. Given this, there could be grounds to get it dismissed once again.

As you can see, there are many ways a traffic ticket can be filled out incorrectly. There is no way of saying if any of these will lead to a ticket dismissal. A lot will depend on your circumstances.  Still, you know what to look out for should it happen to you, and you can consult a traffic ticket attorney to find out more.