After switching from a back pocket wallet to a front one, you will immediately start noticing the many benefits it provides. The first benefit relates to cleaning out your back pocket wallet of the junk that you might have accumulated over the many years and you have been afraid of tossing. It is the time to let it go. You just need to throw it in the trash and get a front pocket wallet from Kinzd. Even though a front pocket wallet will not hold many items, it comes with many benefits. Here are some of them. 

- A front pocket is more comfortable 

If you already own a large wallet that you have been placing in your back pocket, then you are already aware of the discomfort it causes. Of course, you might be already used to it, but the symptom is a manifestation of the large problem. After buying a front pocket wallet, you will never experience any form of discomfort. 

- Have a better appearance 

Possibly, you do not know that the big bump that occurs after you have placed a big wallet in your back pocket is not sexy. You are likely to attract some women who love fat wallets, but most of them will never mind. A front odd will prevent the development of a weird shape that can ruin your style.

- The wallet will not damage your jeans 

When buying a good-looking pair of jeans, you will want it to last for many years. However, that is unlikely to happen with a bulky back pocket wallet – it will ruin the fabric within a short time. Producers design front pocket wallets in a way that they will not put any pressure on your jean's fabrics to reduce the chances of wear and tear. That is one of the primary reasons you should highly avoid a bulky back pocket wallet.

- A front wallet is more convenient 

If you have been carrying a back wallet for a long time, you are already used to reaching down to your back pockets each time you need something from your back wallet. However, after you have tried to reach for a front pocket instead of the back one, you will realize that the habit is inconvenient. 

- A more front pocket wallet is more secure 

Front pocket wallets are harder to pickpocket as compared to the back pocket wallets. The main reason behind that is you will easily notice unwanted hands getting into your front pocket – that is not what you expect with back pocket wallets. Pickpockets, including the most seasoned, will think twice before trying to dip their hands into a front pocket. 

- A front pocket wallet is a healthier choice 

You should expect a lot of discomforts when sitting your back pocket wallet throughout the day. With a front pocket wallet, you will be able to handle most of your important tasks throughout the day. Research shows that back pocket wallets cause Piriformis Syndrome also called the “fat wallet syndrome”. You do not want to suffer from lower back pain because of a bulky wallet. 

- The wallets are technologically advanced 

Front pocket wallets are the newest trend and they, therefore, come with many advanced technologies compared to the traditional wallets. A quick example, some of the available front pocket wallets come with RFID-blocking feature. Contactless credit card thieves will not be able to steal your credit card details or name using their simple contactless devices.

- The manufacturers produce them to last for many years 

Every producer will claim that the wallet they produce will last for many years but that is very hard to support when dealing with a back wallet because it will continuously take a lot of stress and pressure – you will be sitting on it most of the time. a front wallet will definitely last for many years because the producers design it to match the shape of your front pocket. Therefore, the wallet will take less pressure and stress throughout the day. 


Going for a back or front pocket wallet is a personal choice. But after switching, you are unlikely to look back. Front pocket wallets will come with numerous benefits that you have possibly been ignoring. Moreover, you will never worry about being pickpocketed when in crowds.