In the past, anyone moving to a new residence, office or commercial establishment had to deal with stress and worries on whether everything would arrive safely and in good time. However, the entrance of moving companies has greatly helped ease the burden of relocation. Today you can rest easy knowing that your home or office possessions are in the hands of professionals. Furthermore, you can be confident that you will relocate in good time. Nonetheless, certain services keep moving companies such as Minneapolis AAA Movers far ahead of the rest and are some of the reasons for their great success in the industry.
1. Packing and Loading

Packing your items up is the first step in the moving process. It is also as important as actual transportation of your possession. Any mistake in packing could easily come back to haunt you as you move the items. Of equal importance is ensuring that delicate items are packed and loaded in such a way that no damage will come to them. Additionally, the right packing and loading comes with the benefit of ensuring that as many as goods as possible fit into the transportation vehicle, which in turn translates to less moving costs.
2. Transportation
No moving company would be worth its name without including transportation to its services. Irrespective of how long or short the distance from the old to the new location is, the moving company should have the ability to transport all your items safely and within the agreed time. There should be as few trips as possible in order to not only cut down on the costs involved in the entire process but also to ensure timely arrival and resettling. Thus, the company should provide a vehicle that would carry all the items at once where possible in addition to a qualified, licensed and experienced driver.
3. Delivery
The services offered by moving companies should not be limited to relocation. Often, the needs of clients include transportation of items to their current place of residence, showroom or office. Clients, for example, may purchase items such as furniture in bulk and require their safe moving from the store to a certain destination. A reliable moving company should have the ability to step in and offer delivery services. In addition to timely arrival, the company should take the necessary steps to ensure that there will be no damage to the goods irrespective of how delicate they are.
4. Storage
A moving company should understand that its clients may have plans to move but not at the time they receive the client’s call.  Some people may need to keep their belongings in a safe place until the time of moving into a new space. The situation happens when the client for some reason needs to purchase new items but lack room for them in the old place. The moving company should have a warehouse where the items can be stored safely in readiness for transportation to the new location. The warehouse should be easily accessible and the items should be clearly labeled or put in separate rooms to prevent any chances of mix-up. 
5. Insurance
One of the main attributes of a successful moving firm is solid assurance that the clients’ belongings will be handled with utmost care in every stage of movement. However, even the best of drivers may suffer accidents which may lead to damage or loss of items in transit. Therefore, it pays to ensure that the moving company has the right insurance to cater for any damages. Insurance not only exhibits a sense of responsibility but also goes a long way in keeping clients confident that no matter what happens, they will not lose their possessions. A good moving company should provide the insurance cover at no extra cost to the client.
6. Unloading and Unpacking
After arrival at the new or designated location, the personnel employed by the moving company should take charge of unloading the items. They should also carry them into the new space and unpack them. The employees may also go a step further and help arrange the items according to the desire of the client.  It should be noted that the people employed by reputable moving companies are backed by years of experience and enviable skills in their job. Letting them do all the work will not only save time but also ensure there is no damage to the items.
7. Payment Options
One of the attributes of a successful moving company is flexibility with payments from their clients. A cash-only policy is likely to heap unnecessary pressure on the clients. While cash should not be ruled out when the customer prefers it, other payments methods should also be accepted. The digital age has come with safer, more convenient and easier ways of making payments, including credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. The company should also accept checks and allow the clients to decide whether they should pay before the moving process or once the items are delivered at the new location.
8. Customer Care
It may seem inconsequential but a moving company will hardly be successful without a proper customer care system. In fact, it can mean the difference between ability to retain customers as and losing them to competitors. The moving company should understand that many people are apprehensive when it comes to the safety of their valuables. Constant assurance by competent customer care personnel throughout the moving process, therefore, will help put them at ease.
There are thousands of moving companies. At the top of them are companies that take into consideration the fact that reliability, safety, flexibility and affordability of their services are important in any dealings with their customers. Even more successful are companies such as St Paul AAA Movers which go the extra mile to ensure that movement of their clients’ possession runs smoothly and on time through provision of bonuses such as free moving boxes. Additionally, investing on a superb customer service always wins the preference of both old and new customers.