Drinking and driving statistics is very depressing. It is revealed that the high percentile of drunk drivers belongs to age group of 21 to 24 years recorded at 30%, which is followed by age categories 25 to 34 years at 29% and 35 to 44 years at 24%. Teen drivers need to learn ways of driving safely because the most alarming aspect is when someone dies due to drunk driving. As per Disease Control center, in the US a person dies every 40 minutes due to alcohol-impaired driving. Thousands suffer from devastating injuries due to accidents by drunk drivers.

Under alcohol influence, driving is life-threatening as the person’s judgment gets impaired and reaction time slows down. Fortunately, such accidents can be avoided. Even if everyone is well aware about the drawbacks of DUI, they still ignore it. Drunk drivers can be detected in several ways. You may be a committed safe driver but can be the victim due to other driver’s drunken state.

Drivers need to drive warily, so as to protect themselves from uncontrolled driving of other drivers under alcohol or drug influence. The most crucial defense is refusing to drive when your alcohol intake at the party or bar was more than necessary. Majority of drunk driving accidents occur because of the fault of impaired driver.

Preventive steps for protection against alcohol impaired drivers

Always fasten your seatbelt 

Seatbelts are designed to decrease the impact of a crash, which can cause grave injuries or be fatal. Proper use of seatbelt is number one protection against drunk drivers. Secure your seatbelt and ensure that every passenger riding in the car does the same. It is also legally mandatory!

Maintain generous distance

If you maintain car distance then it allows you to identify erratic driving of DUI. If you notice a car in front slowing, swerving or speeding repeatedly then maintain distance as much as possible. Report strange acting drivers, so they can get pulled over from the road. [Call 9-1-1]

Identifying drunk drivers

Signs to detect drunk drivers

Makes wide turns
Almost strikes a vehicle or object
Drives on wrong side
Drives at low speed
Weaves, swerves, drifts or straddles the center line
Stops without any reason
Brakes erratically
Turns illegally or brusquely
Responds slowly to the traffic signals
Drives after dark without turning on the headlights

Be alert on road. If you detect a DUI pull over and call 9-1-1. 

Be careful at intersections

Drunk driving mishaps often take place at intersection due to an alcohol-impaired driver neglects to follow the traffic signals or stop signs. When you arrive at the intersection take some time, look both ways and yield to approaching traffic accordingly. 

Avoid late night driving

Accidents due to drinking and driving occur late in the night or early morning. Especially on weekends or during holiday season. It is wise to avoid roads, which intoxicated drivers use the most.

Be labeled driver

Always stay sober and offer to drive drunken drivers [basically a friend or relative or family]. This is a good way to keep alcohol-impaired drivers off road. 

Always be a safe driver!