As the new year rolls in, many of us around the world are working on bettering ourselves in some way. Making a resolution is a great way to start thinking about progress. When people set these goals, they often think of areas like their fitness goals, family life, and hobbies. But one fantastic thing about resolutions is that they can always be changed. So, if you don’t have one yet for 2019, consider making a resolution to focus on career growth!

No matter where your career goals lie, one of the most valuable skills in any field is the desire and ability to constantly learn. That’s why enrolling in a career-advancing course is an excellent way to turn your career goals into a reality. 

If you’re still unsure if enrolling in a course is right for you, then consider these three reasons why the answer should be “yes”.


1. It Makes Transitioning Fields Easier

Have you ever wanted to work in a new field that you know you’d be perfect for, but aren’t sure how to go about it? By enrolling in a career training course, you’d easily be proving to a new employer that you are dedicated to and passionate about this new opportunity. You might even be able to skip the entry-level positions if you show sufficient skill.

Completing a career course online or in person shows you care about self-improvement while also expanding your skills in a way that can tailor you to be a perfect candidate for a job. And as the market becomes more competitive, every little bit counts. 

2. You’ll Be Up to Date on Industry Standards and Trends

Another reason to consider taking a career course in the coming year is to keep yourself up to date on new advancements in your field. Whether it’s new laws, regulations, improved techniques, or new trends in the market, being aware of the latest developments gives you a competitive edge in whatever field you choose.

Some courses even help you prepare for specific exams that are required in your field. For example, if you take a general contractor license exam, or even real estate exam, you’ll have to retake it every few years to maintain your credentials. These exams aren’t cheap, so taking the time to prepare for them with the help of a career course can save you from paying to retake them.

3. You Can Negotiate for Better Benefits and Pay in Your Job Because You Are More Valuable

Furthermore, taking a career course makes you a more knowledgeable employee, which in turn makes you a more valuable employee. You might be trusted to take on bigger and better projects or even train others. 

The skills you gain from career training will make you a more productive employee, and a good boss will notice that improvement. Career training and various certifications can be great bargaining chips as you progress further in your career. If you’re on the brink of a raise or a promotion, a career-advancement course might be just the thing to push you to that goal.


All in all, a desire for knowledge matched with the right tools for growth and success is an incredibly valuable combination that will get you where you want to be. Whether you apply that formula to your career, health, relationships, or any other part of life, you are certain to have great success. As you forge ahead in 2019, consider how you are shaping the course of your life, and don’t be afraid to seek out the knowledge you need to grow!