We are living in what some people are calling the ‘mobile revolution’ and to be honest there are not many of us that do not own a smartphone, but I have wondered whether saying that my smartphone is like having a computer in my pocket is necessarily true. Will the smartphone end up replacing my computer?

It’ true that I rely on my smartphone for far more than simply keeping in touch with my family and friends. I use it to complete daily tasks that would have previously eaten int my daily such as completing my banking and ordering goods and services online, in fact, when I come to think of it I am actually looking at my smartphone now for longer than when I first became a smartphone user, the novelty has never worn off and if I am honest the relationship I have with my phone is personal to me. 

I have personalised my smartphone so much that to lose it or have it stolen would be a minor disaster, and I am not afraid of saying to anyone ‘yes I would probably go home to pick my phone up if I had left it there by mistake before going on a night out with friends.’ 

My smartphone keeps me in touch with everything that I care about. I can source all the news that I want, keep up to date with my social media accounts besides playing at the best UK online casino where I spend some time playing on my favourite games, and since I now trust the technology that powers my devices, I can play in an environment that I know is safe and secure, especially as I have also installed mobile anti-virus protection. 

I honestly think that the smartphone is actually beginning to overtake the computer in the popularity stakes, and when you think about it, it is not that surprising that they are taking over the market and as technology further advances, we would see the gap between smartphones and computer popularity increase. 

Today, convenience is the name of the game and as the internet is more widely available and Wi-Fi connections become more secure then it makes a great deal of sense that we look to something that is portable, powerful and personal to keep connected.