Buying jewellery is an extremely difficult task, more so, if you are buying online. You have to take care of many factors so that you get exactly what you are paying for. It might turn out to be a scarring experience for you if you lose your money over a useless piece of jewellery. A couple of factors that one should keep in mind before attempting to buy jewellery online have been presented below:

Trust or reputation of sellers:
First, check out the brand; their reputation and credibility. Take time and research the seller. Whether the purchaser can directly contact the seller? Are the details provided by the seller authentic or not? Can the seller be contacted for any information?  These facts need to be ironed out before buying any jewellery. 

The biggest downside of buying jewellery online is that you don't know how it will fit you. Especially in the case of rings, size is of utmost importance. Make sure that you know your size perfectly before buying any jewellery. 

Secure payment: 
These days, cybercrime has become very common. It is very easy to get duped, so be careful. Make sure that the payment gateway is a secure one and your card details are safe from hackers. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying  gold earrings or some expensive diamond jewellery, safety is a primary concern. Also, the delivery system should be provided by respectable courier services, such as Bluedart or FedEx.

Before buying precious jewels or an expensive jewellery item, it is always better to learn the various metals, gemstones, and diamonds, alongside their certificate system. If the store doesn’t provide information regarding the certificate system of the jewels they are selling, do not buy.  Ensure that the precious gems that you are buying come with authentication. Rings, or necklaces encrusted with gems are a big investment, hence, tread with caution. 

Return/Exchange policy 
Real products often vary from the images that are shown on websites. There is always a small chance that the product you receive does not fulfil your expectations. There might be other issues like loose fitting, some minute defect, a different shade of colour, etc. Some earrings that looked exquisite on a model might not have the same effect on you. It is always better to opt for a store that offers safe and guaranteed returns and exchanges. Always read their return policies thoroughly. A few jewellery brands have a lifetime exchange offer so that you can exchange your jewellery items any time in the future. 

Word of mouth is another important factor that you should always consider. It is one of the best ways to scrutinize any brand. Always read the user reviews, the issues they faced with the product, and their feedbacks, both about the product as well as the seller. Ratings and reviews will help you in deciding about the quality of the product.

With proper caution, you can save yourself from being duped and buy jewellery from the comfort of your house. In today’s digital era, it is better to be smart and study all aspects before buying jewellery online.