Want to know if you have a good restaurant? 

We are going to look at ten signs that a restaurant is good and worthy of lots of business. There are some factors that definitely set businesses apart when it comes to customers that are picky about their food and/or environments. 

Does your restaurant have all ten of these qualities? 

Your Servers are Prompt

The waiters and waitresses in a restaurant should be quick and courteous when it comes to taking orders and serving food. When you sit down, you should have to wait more than a couple of minutes to be asked for your drink order. 

Having prompt, polite service is a surefire sign that you are in a great restaurant.

The Bathrooms are Clean

Nothing is worse than going into a bathroom at a nice restaurant and finding it lacking in cleanliness and bathroom products. Coming into a squeaky clean, hygienic bathroom can make your meal infinitely more enjoyable.

Make sure that your bathroom is inspected by someone every hour, and toiletries are restocked frequently as to not run out.

The Food Being Served is in Season

Having fresh, delicious food is an absolute must for any good restaurant. If you are serving food that won’t be in season for months, your customers may question how fresh it actually is. 

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having ready-made food, just make sure to stick to items that are currently in season to guarantee freshness. 

You Never Run Out of Ice

Having a commercial ice maker is definitely a must. These are staples for good restaurants everywhere. 

During a lunch or dinner rush or an exceptionally busy day, you definitely never want to run out of ice. It is something that customers will take for granted if it is always there but will absolutely notice within seconds if you don’t have it anymore. 

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Dishes are Cleared Promptly

Having bussers that quickly and promptly make sure that dirty dishes are cleared away is a great way to help ensure quality service. 

Your customers will definitely notice having a clean table, especially if it happens quickly. Make sure to double check that the plates are done being used first, of course. 

The Music Isn’t too Loud

Having pleasant, subtle music that can be heard but isn’t blasting through speakers is a lovely touch to any meal. That way no one has to raise their voice to hear anyone else, but they still get to hear some nice background noise.

Your Staff is Passionate About the Menu

When the servers have actually eaten items off of the menu and can passionately relay the tastes and recommendations to customers, you tend to get a reputation of authenticity. 

It is a great idea to have the staff well versed in what each menu item tastes like.

Your Kitchen is Clean and Spacious

Having a clean, open kitchen allows for more efficiency while cooking a huge quantity of food. It also promotes hygienic and safe food.

Having a Variety of Options

Having at least one or two options for people that are vegetarian and vegan is a fantastic option for customers. This also goes for allergies for gluten, nuts, etc. as well. 

You don’t have to go overboard with diverse food options, but it is important for your customers to know that you care about their individual preferences and needs. 

Your Customers Come Back for More
Last but not least, you know you have a good restaurant when your customers come back again and again for more food. 

Your guests will not be afraid to let you know how they feel about your business and menu. Having them come back multiple times is a great sign that you are doing good things in the restaurant industry.