It is easy as pie to deny being responsible for car accidents – particularly when admitting so would make the car insurance company (or the admitter) liable for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlement. In cases like these, there are reasons to hire a car accident lawyer. 

1. Fault
It is incredibly easy for people to deny being the cause for accidents. It is in our human nature to lie – particularly when significant financial amounts are involved. This is why insurance companies “pull out all the tricks” to make it look like you’re the one responsible. This is because insurance companies have the tendency to refuse paying valid claims, in an attempt to save money. A car accident attorney know how these snaky companies work and can go toe to toe with them.

2. Therapy Costs 
Emotional struggles. Financial woes. Hospital bill problems. Vehicle damage cost hurdles. There’s an endless number of mountains to conquer, least of all if the accident results in an income loss at your job. From physical therapy and rehab, these costs can add up. This is because a lot of auto insurance companies don’t let their clients know that they, the company, can very well pay for the expenses. (Remember: the sole goal of all insurance companies is to save money where they can.) 

3. Excessive Costs 
While you aren’t at fault, damages may or may not be greater than the coverage of the other driver’s insurance. This means their company may not be able to cover the full extent of the damages you received. Lawyers, particularly those specialised in automobile accidents, may then pursue obtaining personal accidents of the offending party. This is one way that lawyers (depending on their skill level) are able to help you in legal ways you cannot help yourself. 

4. Amounts 
Believe it or not, car accidents are not merely a case of “whodunit”. There are several factors that play into these tragedies. This means that although a collision may not be completely your fault, you might assume some responsibility (or else you wouldn’t be a part of the case). Even so, you’re still eligible to receive compensation within a certain threshold (that is, if you’re not completely responsible for the accident in the first place). Legal attorneys determine the amount of compensation you’re entitled to – which might not be in your favour if you were representing yourself. 

5. Documentation 
Attorneys collect important documentation pertinent to your case. This means they will collect police reports and witness statements – which will undoubtedly prove whether or not you’re at fault or not for the accident. Your medical records, employment records and financial damages will also be expertly recorded – which means there will be a shout of a doubt about the financial costs you inherited as a result of this unfortunate circumstance. Handling your own claim is not recommended in any situation, as you most likely will be robbed of the full compensation you deserve. 

At the end of the day, you may be eligible to make a claim for damages – even in the event that the accident was not your fault. This is because compensatory damages may be awarded to you if you are not fully responsible for the accident. Only a car accident attorney can help you prove so, provided that it is true – thanks to reviewing appraisal records.