Prior to mainstreaming cannabis, there were not many ways to consume it. For those who wanted to get high, you would probably have to smoke it. But with a quick fast forward to the contemporary times, you get plenty of choices for consuming weed, including smoking, edibles, capsules, dabbing, tinctures and of course vaping. This article is going to help you learn the tips for vaping CBD oil if you are just getting started. 

How To Vape Weed 
Vaping, is the popular term for vaporization. In simple jargon, vaping weed or CBD oil is a method for consuming weed where the user inhales the vapor from heating CBD oil. To help you understand this article better, it helps to know that CBD is not anything new but an extract of hemp or cannabis flowers. Therefore as you vape the CBD oil, you are actually heating up the compounds that are active in the oil, which in turn produces vapor. It goes a long way to do away with the burning or combustion associated with smoking. 

CBD Vape Pens
Since vaping CBD does not involve burning, vape pens are one of the devices you can use for vaping. This is a small device looking almost the size of a cigarette. It comes pre-loaded with the oil and is disposed after use. A lot of the consumers of cannabis love these disposables as they are cheap. Besides, their small sizes make them convenient to carry around and are discrete too. You never have to re-charge the pens between uses. The gadgets are highly suitable for travelers, those who often go out and those that just need to be discrete. It is not uncommon to find a vape shop that doesn’t sell the devices. 

Refillable Vapes

Tank style or refillable vaporizers are very easy to spot. This is because they often produce large billowing clouds of vape. Former cigarette and weed smokers prefer this style of vaping CBD oil. It closely mirrors the previous smoking experience they were used to. But when it comes to cannabis consumers, this is one of the least styles when compared to disposables and pre-filled cartridges. They tend to be cumbersome though its followers prefer the fact that you can refill the tanks in lieu of replacing the cartridge. 

The refilling aspect is what creates a following because users can actually experiment on different flavors to create blends that mostly suit their needs. 

Table-Top Vaporizers
This is likely to be the least popular method to vaping CBD oil. It is not because the table-tops are inferior to other methods, but they are large and costly to purchase. This is beside the fact that they are not very portable. But in actual sense, table-top vaporizers are the best devices particularly for those who are enthusiasts of flavor. 

You will encounter a full range of features not common with other portable vaporizers. They have the most sophisticated technology among all vaporizer devices. Be sure to buy one from a genuine vape shop and you will revolutionize your home consumption experience if you are a homebody.